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Bowel Cancer Is It Piles Or Is It The Beginning Of Cancer Learn Here The…

Bowel Cancer: One of the reasons why most people confuse bowel cancer with piles is that the symptoms in both the cases overlap with each other. Bleeding from the rectum and lumps in the anal area are common to both the diseases. Hemorrhoids are more common and less serious than cancer, people think about it more than cancer. Piles are swollen veins inside the anus. When these veins are irritated, either due to constipation or hard stools, they burst and bleed. Sometimes itching also occurs in these swollen veins. Cancer occurs when cells in a particular part of the body start growing uncontrollably.

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What are the early symptoms of bowel cancer?

Common symptoms of piles are itching or burning near the anus that worsens during the toilet, bleeding from the anus, and blood in the stool. Common symptoms of bowel cancer are bleeding in the toilet, bleeding from the rectal area, extreme tiredness, weight loss. Bowel cancer, which is a cancer that begins in the lower part of the large intestine, located at the lower end of the digestive tract. Persistent abdominal pain, blood in stool are actually early symptoms of bowel cancer. Bloating that starts with eating, loss of appetite, pain in the anal region, indicates the growth of cancer in the lower digestive tract.

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Don’t Ignore the Early Symptoms of Bowel Cancer

Persistent abdominal pain, frequent urge to urinate, are some of the symptoms of bowel cancer that seem less significant. These symptoms are the initial symptoms of the disease which should not be ignored. When these symptoms increase and give cancer cells a chance to grow rapidly in the body. Bowel cancer is such a cancer that every year more than lakhs of people fall prey to it. If you are also facing any of the initial symptoms, then get the doctor checked in time.

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