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bottle gourd or lauki soup instantly control uric acid problem- यूरिक एसिड…

How to control uric acid : An increase in uric acid is also a problem that starts increasing due to poor lifestyle and irregular eating habits. Lauki is very useful. Most of the people have now accepted the benefits of bottle gourd and made it a part of their diet. Children who make their mouth after seeing gourd till age, they also grow up to understand the benefits of gourd and stop avoiding it.

Gourd juice, be it vegetable or soup, is beneficial for everyone. Gourd is effective in controlling many types of diseases. Because with the changing lifestyle, various diseases have started bothering them. To avoid this, only vegetables like gourd are useful.

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Disadvantages of increased uric acid

With the increase of uric acid, inflammation in the joints begins to increase; Due to which the patient also suffers more pain, due to which it becomes difficult to even sit up. Some people also have trouble passing urine when uric acid increases. In this problem, only bottle gourd juice is useful, which can control uric acid. You just need to know how to consume it properly.

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Consume bottle gourd juice in this way

Consumption of bottle gourd juice can prove beneficial for uric acid patients. To make gourd juice, when buying gourd, keep in mind that it is of thick pulp. Whose pulp is slightly sweet i.e. good in taste. Because if the taste is bad, there may be a need to add salt or sugar to the juice. But drinking plain juice is beneficial.

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When buying a gourd, try to taste a little. Gourd which is very bitter which becomes more harmful than beneficial. To make gourd juice, grind the gourd pulp in a mixer and grind it. Filter it and drink it. To control uric acid, drink bottle gourd juice every morning on an empty stomach. Relief starts within a few days.

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