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Boost your immunity against the Coronavirus in rainy season-Covid-19

Changing weather brings trouble to the people. With the changing of the weather, the cases of Kovid-19 have also started increasing. Kovid-19 is present among all of us right now. The changing nature of Corona has troubled people in different ways in the country and the world. Corona cases are increasing in the capital Delhi. According to WHO, it is very important to protect against this virus. To protect against corona, it is necessary to have strong immunity. Strong immunity proves to be effective in protecting against corona.

Talking about the symptoms of corona virus, runny nose, headache, fatigue (mild or severe), sneezing and sore throat are symptoms of Kovid-19. According to researchers, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal cramps can be symptoms of corona virus infection in children.

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If you want to protect against corona, then make immunity strong. To make immunity strong, eat such foods in the diet which will make your immunity strong. There are many fruits and nuts that can boost immunity. Let us know how to strengthen immunity to protect against corona.

Consume Citrus Fruits: To make immunity strong, include citrus fruits rich in vitamin C in the diet. Citrus fruits strengthen immunity, as well as keep the body healthy. In citrus fruits, you should consume fruits like orange, lemon, kiwi, amla, grapes, guava and plum.

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Drink Turmeric Milk: Consuming milk is very beneficial for health. Milk rich in calcium makes immunity strong, as well as fulfills the deficiency of nutrients in the body. Talking about the nutrients present in milk, it contains many nutrients including calcium, protein, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D, K, E, fat and energy which are useful for good health.

Nutrients like protein and vitamin D in these make immunity strong. Consuming turmeric with milk strengthens immunity. Consuming turmeric rich in medicinal properties strengthens immunity and you do not fall ill quickly.

Strengthen immunity with basil: Tulsi, rich in medicinal properties, makes immunity strong. Tulsi leaves are rich in antioxidant properties and strengthen the immune system. You can use basil by making its decoction. You can eat basil leaves.

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Keep these things in mind in monsoon

  • The risk of catching cold is highest during monsoon. Avoid getting drenched in rain during this season.
  • If there is a problem of cold or cough, then feel the hot water.
  • Drink warm water several times a day.
  • Ginger tea will relieve you from the symptoms of cold, consume it.
  • Do wear a mask. If you are feeling symptoms of virus, flu in yourself, then definitely get tested for corona so that you can protect yourself and others.


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