Shocking Wave Throughout The Country..Bollywood Actress Sridevi Passes Away..!

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India media and news outlets are flooded with the latest and most shocking news now, Famous Bollywood actress Sridevi passed away Yesterday(24/02/2018), after a sudden cardiac arrest.

Her brother Sanjay Kapoor confirmed the news to IANS. She was one of the most Celebrated Actress in the Bollywood Industry.

According to the several media reports She was 54 years old and while attending a family wedding in the United Arab Emirates she suffered a sudden fatal heart attack, which took her life.

She was only four years when she started her Career journey. She appeared in more than 100 of movies winning several awards and scores. Among them, the most popular movie Mr. India earned her superstar status in South Asia.

Well, the news of her death is creating a huge wave in social media, some of Bollywood fans and Celebs are still disbelieving the news.