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Body Odor Indication: Body Smell Can Be A Sign Of Many Diseases

Body Smell Indicates Diseases: Although it is normal to sweat from the body, but sometimes there is a very dirty smell with sweat, which can be harmful for us. Sweat has no odor of its own, but it produces a smell when bacteria come into contact. The smell of sweat can be due to many reasons, but sometimes these body odors indicate to us many diseases. Let us tell you in this news today that the smell of sweat indicates which diseases of the body, which you should take it seriously.

what is body odor

When the sweat coming out of our body comes in contact with bacteria, it produces body odor. Actually, when we sweat, fat, water and salt mix with this bacteria and can cause bad breath. Sometimes this smell can also be due to food items, hormonal changes or medicines.

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These can be the reasons for the smell coming from the body

  • excercise
  • stress or anxiety
  • hot weather
  • being overweight
  • genetics

The smell of sweat gives an indication of these diseases


Bromhidrosis is a disease in which your body smells very bad. Actually, in this disease, some such bacteria are found in the sweat which cause bad breath in the body. There are two types of this disease, one eccrine and the other apocrine. In eccrine, sweating occurs from the hands, feet, trunk and body and foul smell increases. At the same time, in the apocrine, there is a smell from the sides and genitals.


If you sweat excessively and there is a foul smell from that sweat, then it may be a sign of thyroid. Actually thyroid is such a disease in which being overweight is either an indication or thyroid problem occurs when the sweat coming out of the body starts smelling.


Diabetes is a disease about which we and you know a lot, but perhaps you do not know that body odor can also be a sign of diabetes. If there is a bad smell in the sweat coming out of your body, then there is a need to be alert because this foul smell can indicate diabetes. Due to the increase in the sugar level of diabetic patients, the body starts to smell bad.

Liver and kidney problems

Sometimes the smell of sweat from the body also gives an indication of liver and kidney failure. Hormonal changes are also the reason behind this. Therefore, we should not ignore the odor coming from the body.

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