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Blood Sugar increased indicate and sign color of urine not ignore…

When too much sugar accumulates in your urine, then many problems start. Because of this, you are troubled by feeling physically weak, tired and lack of energy. If your blood sugar level has increased too much, then the color of urine becomes cloudy. It may also have a slight sweet smell. Therefore, understanding these signs, you need to visit the concerned doctor and make necessary changes in your lifestyle.

UTI infection can also be the reason behind the color change. UTI is a bacterial infection in any part of the urinary tract. During a UTI, your body releases white blood cells to fight infection. The presence of white blood cells can give a cloudy color to your urine.

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Symptoms of high blood sugar include increased appetite and thirst, frequent urination, time taken for any wound to heal, blurred vision, and extreme tiredness. People suffering from this problem should never ignore these five symptoms.

Follow your diet plan: If you take insulin or oral diabetes medicine, it is important that you be accurate about the amount and timing of your meals and snacks. The food you eat should be in balance with the insulin working in your body.

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meeting with the doctor State the correct position: Depending on your treatment plan, you may continue to consult your doctor to know your blood sugar level. The victim himself should meet the doctor and tell his exact condition.

Take medicine only as per doctor’s advice: Never take medicines by your mind. Do not take medicine even if told by anyone. Follow only the advice of the doctor treating you. Take the medicine in the same quantity and as prescribed by him.

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lifestyle changes, Those who have high blood sugar should get regular exercise, drink enough water, eat small and frequent meals, avoid stress and live in a good environment.

Monitoring of blood sugar level: The victim should regularly monitor his blood sugar level. Any deficiency should be reported to the doctor immediately. Exercise should also be done if you have high blood sugar.

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