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Blind Movie Review: Sonam Kapoor’s ‘comeback’ crime-thriller film has neither thrill nor suspense



oi-Neeti Sudha


director- Shome Makhija
artist- Sonam Kapoor, Purab Kohli, Vinay Pathak, Lillete Dubey, Shubham Saraf
Platform jio cinema

“Jiya, don’t enter the darkness of my mind, you will get lost…” a ruthless serial killer threatens Jiya (Sonam Kapoor), a blind girl and former police officer, over the phone. The way the film has started, you expect it to be quite dark and suspenseful. Let me tell you, this is the Hindi remake of a Korean film made by the same name. A film has also been made on this story in Tamil language, in which Nayanthara played the lead role.


Jia Singh (Sonam Kapoor) is a police officer living in Glasgow, who meets with her brother in a car accident one night. Bhai is killed in the accident, while Jia loses her eyesight and later her job. As a blind girl trying to make her everyday life comfortable, life throws her into a complicated case. The incidents of kidnapping and murder of young girls start increasing in the city. So one night Jiya takes a lift in a cab, when she realizes that the driver is the culprit of all the incidents. She somehow escapes from there. And then along with the police (Vinay Pathak) tries to nab the psychopathic killer (Purab Kohli). After this the story progresses on the lines of a cat-mouse game.

direction and technical side

Blind is produced by Sujoy Ghosh, who has given suspense-thriller films like ‘Kahaani’ and ‘Badla’. Hence, there were high expectations from this film as well. But Blind’s screenplay is sorely lacking in thrill, anticipation and suspense. Director Shome Makhija starts the film very well. Seeing the girl running away from the killer’s house, you wait with bated breath for the next story. But as the film progresses, the story falls flat. In a suspense-thriller film, if you introduce the killer in the very beginning, then the pressure on the director to tie the story further increases a lot. Same, the pressure was there too.

There is a major drawback in the story that the motive of the psychopathic killer was not put forward. In one of the scenes, the picture of the killer’s mother is shown and there is a lot of focus on her. In one scene, he randomly kills a kidnapped girl and says, “Now you look like a mother,”.. This dialogue points to a darker background. But the writer-director did not consider it necessary to pay attention to it. The editing of the film by Tanupriya Sharma could have been a bit tighter. The cinematography by Garrick Sarkar is good and a thrill factor has to be maintained in the story.


Sonam Kapoor has done a good job in the role of a blind police officer. With Blind, the actress has appeared in films after almost 4 years. There was seriousness in his character here, which he kept holding. This time Sonam’s part also has some action scenes, where the actress gets full marks. But his character needed a depth, which was missing in the writing. Vinay Pathak is cast in the role of Police Inspector Prithvi Khanna. Whereas, Purab Kohli in the negative role initially looks like a bit of a surprise package. But the writer-director left his character half-baked. You wait for something powerful to happen when the film’s heroine and villain come face to face, but there is disappointment here. The sequence between the two passes quite flat. Lillete Dubey and Shubham Saraf have done justice to their characters in the supporting cast.


Sonam Kapoor starrer crime-thriller ‘Blind’ starts on an interesting note, but the sloppy screenplay makes it boring. There is a huge lack of thrill in the film, although the performances of all the actors are good. 2 stars to Blind from Filmbeat.

english summary

Sonam Kapoor starrer suspense crime thriller Blind is streaming on Jio Cinema from 7th July. Lazy writing makes this thriller bland and predictable.

Story first published: Friday, July 7, 2023, 0:57 [IST]



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