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Blaupunkt BTW100 True Wireless Earphones Review: Promise of good sound quality in a budget

Blaupunkt is best known in the automobile audio segment, but over the years, the company has made a mark in the personal and home audio space as well. Now its product range includes soundbars, wireless speakers and speaker systems, headphones and earphones which are sold online at very affordable prices. The company’s recent launch comes with the BTW100 true wireless headset which promises to deliver a good budget experience with a focus on sound quality.

Blaupunkt BTW100 The price in India is Rs 1,299. For this price, it comes with environmental noise cancellation, touch controls and USB Type C charging case. Is This the Best Affordable True Wireless Headset You Can Buy Right Now? Find out in this review.


Design and Specs of the Blaupunkt BTW100

The Blaupunkt BTW100 come with a very affordable price, but their design is not the same for the affordable price. They are great to look at with great in-canal fit and a long stem. Along with the length of the stem in the earpiece, the big Blaupunkt logo has been given and the indicator lights have also been given on the top. The charging contact points are located on the inner side of the stem and the microphone is placed at the bottom of the earpiece.

The Blaupunkt BTW100 is available in two color options – Black and White. No fingerprint was easily visible on the black variant that I had. Even during listening for a long time, his fit remained comfortable. The outer sides of the earpiece are touch sensitive for controls, but they can’t be customized due to lack of app support.

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A single tap on the side plays and pauses the music, double tap to skip to the next or previous track, and three taps to control the volume. Touch and hold gesture allows you to turn on the default voice assistant on your smartphone. There have been times when the tap didn’t register properly on the earpiece. Double tap or triple tap was registering like single tap. In this regard, you have to take care that the tap is registered correctly so that the controls work properly.

The charging case is quite simple and is clamshell shaped. Being small and light, it can fit easily in pocket or handbag. Its front has three indicator lights to tell the battery level. The USB Type C charging port is provided at the back side. The earpiece and lid magnetically fit into place.

The Blaupunkt BTW100 is a budget wireless handset but its features and specifications are quite good. Connectivity of Bluetooth 5.1 is available in these, SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs are supported. In this, environmental noise cancellation has been given for better sound experience. The headset is rated IPX5 for water resistance.


The headset supports 80ms low-latency, but it cannot be activated from the headset, so assume that the earphones are always in low-latency mode during use. In these 10mm dynamic drivers have been given. A total of three pairs of silicone eartips are available in the sales package and a short charging cable is available.

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Blaupunkt BTW100 performance and battery life

True wireless earphones for Rs 2000 now come with features like app support and active noise cancellation. More affordable headsets are also easy to operate again. There are not many features in this headset but internally it is equipped with technology. The most important part of this is the sound quality which is much better at this price point.

One good thing is that the Blaupunkt BTW100 supports SBC as well as AAC Bluetooth codec. I listened to Croatia Squad’s Back To Life on it and got low-end bias in the earphones. The sound was very punchy and aggressive. Electronic or popular music fans will love its bass on earphones. The headset is quite loud which gets louder when listening to fast and aggressive tracks.

Bruno Mars’s 24K Magic has strong hip-hop inspired beats that punctuate hard, yet there was plenty of room for vocals and pop elements, which also made it fun to hear the aggressive sound, with good soundstage and imaging .


There is good separation in the audio but it cannot be said that the sound in the headset is very detailed, because after all it is an affordable headset. Its strong bass sounds distracting and the finer points of the track become a bit difficult to hear. Also note here that even after listening at high volume for a long time, its bass does not feel tired. The headset is quite comfortable even in low or low noise, but then there is not much excitement and joy while listening.

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Call quality is average but it is useful for short calls. Its environmental noise cancellation enhances the voice quality but still the background noise in the outdoors gets in the ears. Connection quality is good and connectivity remains stable. There was no problem in connectivity up to a distance of 3 meters from the paired smartphone.

Being an affordable headset, its battery life is also quite good. The earpieces last up to 4 hours on a single charge. With the charging case, they can be charged up to five more times, leading to a total battery life of up to 23 hours at medium and high volumes. This is much less than the 40 hours of battery backup claimed by the company but is good for its price.

our decision

Affordable true wireless earphones are pretty basic and not too polished, but the Blaupunkt BTW100 is a refreshing product in this price range, where we often find average products. It doesn’t have a lot of features but its design, sound quality, support for AAC Bluetooth codec and good battery life make it a very good option under Rs 1500.

This price segment is quite a tough competition and by spending a few hundred more you can go for other options that come with active noise cancellation including the Realme Buds Q2. You can also see neckband style Bluetooth earphones in this price range. But if you are looking for true wireless earphones and have a tight budget, the Blaupunkt BTW100 is a good choice.

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