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How To Protect Black Cataract: Feel The Heaviness In Eyes Do Not Ignore

There can be many reasons behind the feeling of heaviness in the eyes. Heaviness in the eyes can also happen due to not getting enough sleep. Along with this, being allergic can also cause heaviness in the eyes. But if this heaviness lasts for a long time, then you should not ignore it at all, as it can sometimes be due to serious problems. It can also be due to sinus and migraine and there can also be a problem of cataract.

What are the causes of heaviness of eyes?

Experts say that the eyes feel tired and irritated after focusing intensely on a single activity for a long time like watching a computer screen, driving a car, reading a book and many other activities. Due to this there may be heaviness of the eyes. Apart from this, there can be serious reasons as well as heaviness in the eyes due to eye surgery, oral medications, dehydration, old age, muscle tension and sinusitis.

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may have glaucoma

If you have heaviness in your eyes and if you are a patient of blood pressure or diabetes and you may have heaviness in your eyes, which is a symptom of black glaucoma in the eyes. Usually this problem occurs only after the age of 40, but if it is generic then this problem can occur in childhood also. According to a survey conducted in 2010, 11.20 crore people in India up to the age of 40 were suffering from glaucoma.

Risk of blindness if not treated on time
Due to the continuous increase in sugar and blood pressure, the pressure on the eyes increases, due to which there is a feeling of heaviness on the eyes. After that it gradually becomes black cataract. If it is not treated in time, then the person can also become blind. Glaucoma can be detected early by conducting an optical coherence tomography (OCT) test.

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What is defense?
If you want to avoid glaucoma, then checkup should be done as soon as you feel the heaviness of the eyes. At the same time, according to Dr. Harpreet, exercise is the most effective way to avoid glaucoma. Also, wear safety equipment to protect the eyes while playing. If there is a complaint of blood pressure or blood sugar, get treatment and control immediately. Along with this, stop increasing cholesterol and if you have heart disease, get treatment immediately.

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do this also
If you are feeling heaviness on the eyes and there is no complaint of glaucoma, then you can also take some other measures to cure it. Apply a cloth soaked in warm water to tired and dry eyes. Keep trying to keep your eyes closed while doing this. Along with this, if you feel dryness in the eyes, you can use rose water in the eyes or eyedrops on the advice of the doctor to refresh them. Use eyewear, as well as give rest to the eyes and do not strain. Do not let your eyes get contaminated or go to a polluted place.



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