Saturday, November 26, 2022

‘Bitcoin Valley’ has been created in this city, will be shopping with cryptocurrencies and more

People’s interest in cryptocurrencies is increasing rapidly and plans are already being made to start cryptocurrency related cities in the world. A similar ‘Bitcoin Valley’ is about to start in the tourist enclave of Santa Lucia in Honduras, a country in Central America. You will also be able to pay in cryptocurrencies to shop here. With this project, the country has now entered the field of digital currency.

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news agency Reuters (via NDTV), a bitcoin city 20 minutes away from Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. Business owners large and small in Santa Lucia are now turning to cryptocurrency as a form of payment, hoping to attract more and more tourism.

Cesar Andino, manager of Robles Shopping Square, says that Bitcoin Valley will open up more opportunities for merchants and attract more people who want to use the currency.

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Honduras’ ‘Bitcoin Valley’ project initially aims to train 60 businesses to adopt cryptocurrencies and market their products and services, making this crypto adoption initiative more accessible to enterprises and surrounding areas. expected to spread.

The initiative is jointly developed by the Blockchain Honduras Organization, cryptocurrency exchange Coincaxe, the Technical University of Honduras and the Municipality of Santa Lucia.

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“The community of Santa Lucia will be educated on how to use and manage cryptocurrencies, apply them to various businesses in the region, and generate crypto-tourism,” said Professor Rubén Carbajal Velázquez from the Technological University.



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