Best Websites To Download Bollywood Movies HD For Free

Website to download Bollywood movies
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Majority of the people in India don’t usually like to watch Hindi Bollywood movies by streaming online, Instead, they prefer to download the movies and watch it offline. Of course, who wants to get annoyed by those annoying advertisements and slow internet buffering. Moreover, streaming is not suitable for if you wanted to watch your favorite movies again and again, after all, Jio only provides 1.5 GB of limited internet data packs.

Personally, I don’t usually watch movies streaming online, other than Youtube and some small Instagram and Facebook videos. For me downloading the Movies in the memory card and watching it later has always been the best choice.

Website to download Bollywood movies

There are thousands of websites to download movies, especially to download Hollywood movies it’s not that hard to find one. But when it comes to downloading Bollywood movies only a few good quality websites can be found, although there are more than hundreds of sites for downloading Bollywood movies. Only a few of them provides HD Bollywood movies to download for free.

We have decided to share with you some of our best websites where we often download Bollywood movies.

Websites To Download Bollywood Movies

There was a time when we used to download latest Bollywood movies from torrents websites. Unfortunately, the Indian govt has started banning the torrents websites for the last 3 years, as a results Bollywood fans are vigorously searching for websites to download Bollywood movies all over the internet.

Some of the popular streaming sites have noticed this and decided to provide the downloadable options for videos, however, as you can think it’s not free. You’ll hardly find one which gives away movies for free, there’ll always be some kind of strings attached to it. Luckily, your quest for Websites To Download Bollywood Movies ends here.

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#1 –

This website is one of the best web site for downloading Bollywood movies in HD resolution, all the videos are formatted in Mp4 to make it smaller in size without losing the resolution of the video. The video size may vary depending on the duration, you expected most of the videos are about 300 MB or more but not more than 1 GB. The admin of this website is actively keeping it up to date with all the latest Bollywood movies. The best part of this website is you can also download the Netflix web series in HD. The UI is pretty clean and minimalistic, there are no annoying ads and popup links which makes this Bollywood movie downloading site safer to use.

#2 –

This website looks more of like a blog than a downloading site thus you won’t have any issue finding the downloading link or button. The website is pretty fast and very easy to navigate throughout the website. All the movies are well categorized with the time frame and according to the type of the movie. Other than Bollywood movies there is also Tamil movies dubbed in Hindi. The best thing about this website is the information provided in the title. You won’t find any low-quality movies on this website, all the movies are in High resolution.

#3 –

SD Movies point is yet another powerful web site for downloading Bollywood movies. Clean UI design and easy to navigate throughout the site, loads faster and ads free. You can filter out the movies by its genre as well as search by the year of its release. The website is also well documented hence they have shown the step by step tutorial on how to download movies from the website. Other than Bollywood movies there is a whole lot of other genres such as Pakistani movies, web series, sessional videos, etc.

#4 –

This website is the best one out of all the sites that I have mentioned here. You can stream and watch the movies online as well as download them on your device. Just like all the popular streaming websites, it gives you a good user experience and so many options for downloading movies. This websites continually update their database with the latest movies and series as soon as they are released. You can download Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, web series, TV serials and many more.

#5 –

My Vid Mate is totally dedicated to the latest Bollywood movies and has a nice and clean user interface. All the movies are organized in alphabetic order you can easily search the movies with the first letter of the title. The best thing is you won’t find any annoying pop-up ads throughout the web site which is a good thumbs up for the website.

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So, these are some of the best Websites To Download Bollywood Movies. Now you can easily download your favorite Bollywood movies for free from any of these websites. Enjoy.

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