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You can travel abroad in a low budget, plan to visit these countries

Travel Tips: Some people are very fond of traveling. Especially traveling abroad is the dream of many people. But, due to low budget, people are often unable to convert their wish into reality. However, in some countries of the world, foreign travel can be done even with less money. Yes, by planning a trip to some selected foreign countries, you can easily fulfill your desire to travel abroad.

Actually, going abroad is the desire of many people. But for fear of spending more, people leave the thought of going abroad and make plans to go to a tourist spot in India itself. In such a situation, if you want, you can easily travel abroad with the amount of money you can travel in India. So let’s know about some foreign countries with low budget.

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Plan a trip to Nepal

If you want to see beautiful temples and mountain peaks covered in snow cover, then Nepal can prove to be the best destination for you. At the same time, Pashupatinath Temple of Nepal and Didir of Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, are among the famous tourist spots of Nepal. Also, trips to Nepal are completely visa and passport free for Indians.

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Marine Adventures in Maldives

Traveling to Maldives in a low budget is the perfect option for people who are fond of adventures in the waves of the sea. Considered the favorite destination of most couples, Maldives is known for its beautiful views and countless adventures in the sea.

take a tour of singapore

Traveling to Singapore can be a better option for people who like tall buildings and dazzling views. Let us tell you that Singapore is known for its Lavish lifestyle. At the same time, a trip to Singapore can prove to be the best trip for people who are fond of shopping.

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Make a plan to visit Thailand

If you like to visit historical places, then you can also plan to visit Thailand. Also, Thailand is one of the best tourist spots for nature lovers and people living in a calm environment.

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