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If you want to roam on the sea shore, then these 7 beaches of India will be the best, will be memorable…

Best beaches in India: Many people make travel plans during the summer season. Most of these people prefer to either go to the hilly areas to get relief from the heat or like to spend their time in the cities adjoining the beach. Not only this, many people make plans to go outside the country in the desire to enjoy on the beautiful beach. But not everyone can afford to go out of the country for holidays.

Today we are telling you about 7 such beautiful beaches present in India itself, where you can easily make a travel plan. You can enjoy your vacation in the best way by visiting these beaches. Let us know about these beaches.

Agonda Beach
If you want to roam the beach in a peaceful environment, then you can spend time at Agonda Beach in Goa. The water here is blue and the atmosphere in the middle is very calm. There is also a church named Agonda here. By the way, this beach is known for sun bath because people like to come here to enjoy sun bath.

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Palolem Beach
If you want to go to the beach for party, fun, then Palolem Beach in Goa will be better for you. Meanwhile, there is a lot of crowd on this beach and people enjoy things like party, seminar, massage, yoga. Surrounded by coconut trees, the water on this beach looks as clear as blue crystals. It is also very famous among international tourists.

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Radhanagar Beach
You can head towards Radhanagar Beach to spend the summer holidays. This beach is quite famous and is located on Havelock Island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is one of the longest and most spectacular islands in Asia. For this reason, this island has been considered one of the best beaches in India by Times Magazine. This beach is one of the favorite places of honeymoon couples. People also like water sports activities a lot here.

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Malpe Beach
Malpe Beach is one of the beautiful beaches of India. This beach is located in Karnataka and the island is known for the huge basalt rocks. This beach is about 15 km from a small island St. Mary. This island is also known as Coconut Isle because of the hundreds of coconut trees around it.

Puri Beach
Puri Beach is known as the Beach of Faith and is also called the Golden Beach. This beach is one of the beautiful beaches of eastern India bordering the Bay of Bengal. Meanwhile, famous sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik often makes beautiful sculptures through sand.

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Kovalam Beach
Kovalam Beach is also one of the beautiful beaches of India and it is situated in the middle of Arabian Sea in Kerala. Palm trees, high cliffs and azure water along the seashore make the views even more beautiful. Not only this, there are three small crescent-shaped beaches on this beach, which are known as South Light House.

Om Beach
Not only for fun, if you want to go to a beach from a spiritual point of view, then you can turn to Om Beach in Gokarna. This beach is quite famous for its shape because here two crescent shaped pieces are seen meeting. Due to which its shape looks like Om (ॐ). This very beautiful and calm beach is also known for water sports.

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