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Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Playing a Musical Instrument
Written by Rohan Mathew

Ever since the existence of life music has become the part of life, no matter what its origin is music has no color, no religion. Music is one for everyone.  Music play’s a very important role in every human’s life, there are many benefits of playing a musical Instrument;

Music can bring joy and happiness to everyone around you. You may or may not be a musical instrument player, but there is a musician inside of you. It’s never too late to learn a musical instrument. And here are some Benefits which you might find one of the reasons to learn a musical instrument.

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Benefits of Playing a Musical Instrument

Playing a Musical Instrument

Develop Brain Memory Capacity

After extensive research and studies, scientists came to the conclusion that Listening to music or playing a musical instrument stimulate brain cells and increase the brain memory. In a Study, those children who receive singing lessons and keyboard lessons are more improved in their temporal skills than the other children who are not.

Regular playing of a musical instrument changes the shape of Brain and thus improves the power and function of the Brains mostly the parts which control motor function. Playing a musical instrument also increase the IQ level.

Relieves Stress

Playing a Musical Instrument daily helps to bring down stress by lowering the blood pressure and heart rate, lowers the secretion of stress hormones which makes us feel relaxed. Well by listening to music also helps us relaxing our mind.

Builds Patience

It takes the time to learn a musical instrument; an Instrument cannot be mastered by overnight. By practicing regularly everyday day building discipline and effort build patience. Almost every good musician and instrument player goes through the years of practice and exercise which helps them to control their mind and thus developing the patience.

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Fosters Creativity

Most of the time people are stuck in everyday’s life which results in diminishing the creative side of life, As we know music directly or indirectly touches our emotional, and mental feelings. By learning to Play Musical Instrument everyday stimulate the brain to think out of the box and thus helps in fosters the creativity.

Builds Confidence

If we accomplish anything perfectly we the human being feel confident, the same thing goes to this. By choosing a music lesson and by learning and mastering it when you are aware of that you can play it or do it perfectly, you’ll naturally build confident within yourself.

Sharpens Concentration

While playing a musical Instrument you need to concentrate on many things, like rhythms, timing, pitch, tempo, intensity of sound, and collaboration with other musicians, and It is more difficult to play with the musical group than single, because you’ll have to listen to the other musician as well as yourself. One need lots of practice to perfection this and thus increasing the ability to concentrate.

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So, these are some of the benefits of playing a musical Instrument, I hope the reasons given here will somehow motivate you to keep on playing and practicing a musical instrument. Do let me know what you think about the article and if you also want to share some other benefits of playing a musical instrument do fill the comment box given below. Thanks for visiting.

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