Benefits of Partnering with TOSTEM INDIA for Aluminium Doors and Windows

Benefits of Partnering with TOSTEM INDIA for Aluminium Doors and Windows
Written by Aishwarya Gaikwad

TOSTEM INDIA manufactures high-end, sleek aluminium doors and windows for commercial and residential buildings. The company is also one of the top manufacturers of doors and windows with myriad designs and size possibilities. 

Doors and windows are crucial for providing security, privacy, minimising noise pollution, and more. Hence, it is best to liaise with a reliable supplier whose products uphold these factors. TOSTEM is an excellent construction partner, offering durable, aesthetically pleasing, and sturdy doors and windows. 

This post aims to discuss why partnering with TOSTEM INDIA can be a strategic and constructive decision. Let’s begin. 

Japanese Innovation

Doors and windows should complement the home and building style. The ideal choice for your property can be sliding and folding doors, in/outswing doors, casement windows, bi-fold windows, and more. 

Ultimately, the manufacturer should provide such design possibilities to help execute the users’ unique ideas. In such a scenario, TOSTEM fits perfectly. 

TOSTEM relies on Japanese innovation to manufacture all aluminium doors and windows. So whether it is sliding and folding doors or stacking windows, the products are designed to provide stellar functional benefits even in extreme conditions. Some of the innovative doors and window designs include: 

  • WE70 series
  • WE70 plus
  • Grants

Quality Assurance

Whether you’re building your dream home or working on a commercial project, modern properties require you to install high-quality doors and windows. More importantly, the doors and windows should be durable and provide structural stability. 

TOSTEM products are composed of aluminium, which is more durable and secure than generic uPVC doors. In fact, the doors and windows are tested for more than 200000 cycle operations. TOSTEM products also go through a patented TEXGUARD coating, providing better resistance to corrosion, heat, and discolouration than anodised doors. It is also important to note that aluminium is 100% recyclable and releases no fumes during a fire. 


The company also ensures each of its products undergo quality assurance and testing measures for heat and sound insulation, operational use, sealing against water and noise ingress, and more. Moreover, TOSTEM doors are certified by the American Standards for Testing and Material (ASTM) and British Standard (BS), and Japanese standards.

Every country has its own set of standards to define the products’ quality and safety. In India, ASTM (American Standards for Testing and Materials) and BS (British standards) are the most commonly used methods. On the other hand, Japan utilises the JIS standard for quality assurance. JIS is not new to India since most Japanese automobile companies use it. 

Such a standard of testing is more relevant as the cyclonic weather of Japan is similar to that of India and JIS testing process very closely mimics the natural forces. TOSTEM products are rated as per JIS standards and ASTM Standards. 

Both the methods are equally safe. But, ASTM testing gives us a more rigid and often over-engineered product. On the other hand, JIS gives us a product that can sustain fatigue and is lean and performance-friendly. The two different safety philosophies are evident in the products which are being offered.

As a result, all TOSTEM windows and windows are tested as per the standards mentioned above. TOSTEM cross-checks all the product offering and theoretical calculations with the actual test results conducted at the TOSTEM product test centre in Japan/Thailand.

Pre-engineering solutions

TOSTEM has pioneered next generation window and door designs by offering pre-engineered products. The engineers visit the site only for taking measurements, and all the doors and windows are fabricated in the factory. On the other hand, other manufacturers do the fabrication work onsite, which can make carrying out other operations a challenging task. 

Hence, TOSTEM products help streamline the door and window installation process without affecting other production areas and remodelling. Moreover, the products can be removed easily and packed in a box for shifting or moving purposes. 


For over 50 years, Tostem has been involved in designing high-quality doors and windows in Japan, India, Thailand, and multiple other countries. It is associated with the LIXIL Group, which consists of other outstanding housing companies. Therefore, working with TOSTEM assures you of quality and stylish products.

TOSTEM INDIA has an impeccable track record of fulfilling the customer’s needs on priority. For small to large projects, TOSTEM ensures on-time delivery of the products, along with crucial components such as rubber gaskets. 

Additionally, TOSTEM’s clients in India and abroad only have good things to say about the company. You can also check out some client testimonials on their website.


In conclusion, TOSTEM is a highly recommended company when it comes to windows and doors. They feature innovative designs such as sliding and folding doors and bi-fold windows with high-quality aluminium material for durability, energy efficiency, and soundproofing. Visit their website for inquiry purposes and get in touch with their doors and windows consultants.

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