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Beginner Guitar Songs For Beginner Guitar Player

beginner guitar songs
Written by Altaf Shaikh

In this article, I have given my list of beginner guitar songs which will surely improve your Guitar playing. Just go through it.

Well’ I still remember the time when I first accompanied a song on the 7th day of my Guitar journey. Back then I could barely hold some of the chords. And Moreover, I was totally out of idea what chord progression was? Still, the song that I have chosen to play wasn’t that hard because those songs were all built on beginner guitar chords, which I have mentioned in my earlier Post.(How to Play Basic Guitar Chords – Simple Beginner Guitar Lessons.)

It takes times to master the rhythm and strumming patterns. But the most important thing is timing, the metronome, the beats. Once you understand the timing, you will be capable of playing any song without any ease. Infect you’ll find that many of the popular songs that you know are almost easy to play.

Again, After 2 days of continued practice, I was ready for my first show. Even though it was not good, my friends appreciated it. I know I have to work harder to improve my guitar playing so that it sounds clean and clear, which can touch the emotions. And learning new songs is the best way to improve guitar playing skills.

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My List of Beginner Guitar Songs

Through practicing the songs each day you will be able to memorize the chord progressions easily. This is the best way to improve your ear, the ability to recognize the sounds of each chord in a song. So, here is the list of the Songs that I have been playing when I was a beginner. I hope you’ll like my list of Beginner Guitar Songs.

Sweet Child O’ Mine-Guns N’ Roses

Sweet child O’ Mine one of the Greatest Hits of Guns N’ Roses. This Famous and evergreen song is very easy to play and a perfect song for beginner Guitarist. The song Holds many memories, whenever I listen to this song it reminds me of my early journey towards learning Guitar. This song is composed of D Chord Progression. And the strumming pattern here is the Basic strumming pattern very necessary for Beginner Guitar Player.
Go to: Sweet Child O’ Mine lyrics with Chords.

Knockin On Heaven’s Door-Bob Dylan

The chord progression of this song is simple and easy to play. You can easily learn the Strumming patterns as it follows the slower metronome. Basically, this song is built on G chord Progression, Combination of 3 major chords and 1 minor chord. It goes like this. Intro :Gmaj, Dmaj, Cmaj. Verse: Gmaj, Dmaj ,Am. Chorus: Gmaj, Dmaj, Cmaj.
Go to Knockin On Heavens Door lyric’s with chords

Need You Now-Lady Antebellum

This song is one of the greatest hits, I bet you probably heard this song. This beautiful song is built on the C chord progression and the combinations of three major and two minor chords. It is not so difficult to play as it seems. and for beginners, this song will be the best choice.The chords used in the songs are Fmaj, Am, Em, and C.
Go to: Need You Now Lyric’s with Chords

Wonderful Tonight-Eric Clapton

This is another wonderful beginner guitar songs written and recorded by Famous artist Eric Clapton, You’ll surely love to play this song as it is very melodious. It is also not that hard as it seems. Just a few combination chords and strums, Slow metronome and beautifully arranged. The chords used in this songs are Gmaj, Dmaj, and Em.
Go to: Wonderfull Tonight lyrics with chords.

With or Without You-U2

U2 is my favorite Band and this song I can listen to this song forever. The song is pretty simple and rich in composition, the chord progression is also Beautiful, It follows D major chord progression. The chords used in this song are, Dmaj, Amaj, Bm, G.
Go to: With or Without You Lyric’s with Chords

Redemption Song-Bob Dylan

One of my favorite song Redemption Song inspires me whenever I listen to it. This Beautifull song is very easy to play, you are going to love this song. The entire song follows G chord progression. the combination of Gmaj, Cmaj, Dmaj, Am, Em.
Go to: Redemption Song Lyrics with Chords.

The Lazy Song-Bruno Mars

This song was listed in the top 10 US Billboard Chart, it is one of the famous song ever written and sung by talented artist Bruno Mars, The Grammy Award winner. This Song basically follows B chord progression.
Go to: The Lazy Song lyrics with Chords

Summer of 69-Bryne Adams

All time Hit Summer of 69 is another Song which you can try out. the song is very energetic and Rhythmic. This Song follows D chord progression.
Go to: Summer of 69 Lyrics With Chords.


Practice Guitar using metronome It will Develop Many Areas of Your Guitar playing

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