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Beauty Tips: Vitamin E Capsule Skin Care Mistakes Do Not Apply Vitamin E Capsule…

Beauty Tips: You must have used Vitamin E capsules for your skin once in your life. Vitamin E capsule is not only good for your skin but it also benefits your hair. Vitamin E capsule has many benefits like it not only brings glow on your skin but also makes hair strong. With this you can also reduce scars and dark circles. At the same time, people who have the problem of pimples must use vitamin E capsules. But you have to take care of some things or else you may have a problem of pimples due to its use.

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don’t put straight
No oil should be used on dark skin. Therefore, this capsule should also not be used directly on the skin. Especially if you have oily skin, do not apply it directly.

Do not keep on skin for long
If you have used this capsule with aloe vera, then do not keep it on the skin for a long time. This can increase the complaint of pimples.

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Do not use too much in facepack
One capsule is enough for a one time face pack. At the same time, if you are applying it on the hair, then two capsules will be enough for it. Be sure to keep its quantity in mind every time.

don’t heat up
Never heat Vitamin E capsules and use them directly on the skin or hair. Even if you do this, keep in mind that only after lukewarming, add Vitamin E capsules to that product. It loses its nutrients by heating.

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