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Beauty Tips Nailpolish Hacks Nail Polish Fades Quickly Follow These…

Nailpolish Hacks: Every girl applies nail polish to enhance the beauty of her hands. But if it does not stay on the hands for a long time, then the mood goes off. Many times, after applying the nail polish, it starts coming off from the tip of the nail. In such a situation, many women also get upset. If you want the nail polish to remain on your nails for a long time, then today we have brought such a trick for you, after adopting which your nail polish will continue to enhance the beauty of your hands for a long time. Let’s know the tricks and tips..

Do not wash hands before applying nail polish

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Many times it is a habit that if you are going to apply nail polish, then before that wash your hands thoroughly with water so that it becomes clean but it is not good for your nail polish. If you want your nail polish to last longer, do not wash your hands before applying it. Always buy good quality nail accessories for your beautiful nails.

Thin layer stays on hands

Many women also think that by applying two to three coats of nail polish, they stay on their hands for a long time, then this is not right. Because the thinner the layer of nail polish, the longer it will last. Too many layers of nail polish wears off quickly.

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base coat most important

A base coat is necessary for the nail polish to stick well on the nails. So do not forget to apply a base coat before applying nail polish. This will make your nail polish last longer.

Apply second coat only after drying

Two to three coats of nail polish is considered good for the beauty of the hands. In such a situation, if you are doing two to three coats, then first let one coat of nail polish dry thoroughly, then apply another coat after about two to three minutes.

Take care of top coat and tip

The nail polish comes off quickly from the tip of the nail. Therefore, whenever you apply nail polish, keep in mind that it is well on the tip. At the same time, do not forget to apply the top coat just like the base coat. Due to this, the color and life of the nail polish remains for a long time.

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Take special care while working

Women have a lot of work in the house, so the nail polish goes away quickly when it comes in contact with soap and water. That’s why you can use gloves while washing dishes. This will not spoil the nail paint and it will stay on the nails for a long time.

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