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Bathroom Etiquette You Must Close The Toilet Lid Before Flush

Toilet Lid And Flush: If you are also among those who do not close the lid of the toilet seat before flushing, then immediately remove yourself from this list. Because doing this works to save you from many troubles. In this article, you are being told about those valid reasons, after knowing that you will never forget to close the lid before flushing.

bacteria spread

Many types of toxins and bacteria also come out along with the stool coming out of our body, which our body regularly expels. When you flush it with high speed water through the flush, these bacteria come into the air and then reach other items kept in the bathroom.

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Another major problem is that E-coli bacteria thrive in the flush and when this bacteria comes into the air after flushing, it survives in the air for 6 hours. That is, there is every possibility that you can fall ill after coming in contact with this bacteria.

water drops

You must have burst crackers, especially pomegranates. Even if you have not driven, then you must have seen others driving. When you flush, very fine drops of water come out of the flush just like the rays of light emanating from the pomegranate. Which you cannot see with open eyes. These drops of water are full of bacteria and settle on all the items kept in the bathroom, your toothbrush, soap, makeup items etc. You can even inhale them through the breath! Now understand how important it is to close the lid before the flush.

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These diseases spread

If you do not close the lid while flushing, the bacteria causing diarrhea in your bathroom multiply up to 12 times. Apart from this, the bacteria spread in the bathroom can give you dangerous diseases like vomiting, corona virus, influenza.

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