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Baba Ramdev Tell About Hemorrhoids can be eradicated from root through…

Many people go through severe pain due to Piles or Piles. This is such a serious disease, which occurs due to constipation in people. Due to this disease, the pain increases so much that it becomes difficult for people to even sit up. Due to piles, problems like unbearable pain, prickling, warts, wounds, burning etc. arise in the anus.

Some people have a terrible problem of piles. A person suffering from pain is so disturbed that his attention remains in pain all the time. In such a situation, people take various measures, but still hemorrhoids cannot be treated. Also, they do not get relief from pain. The biggest reason for this disease is constipation. Piles, fissure, fistula are formed due to constipation. Due to constipation, impurities increase in the body and digestion starts to deteriorate.

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symptoms of piles

  • Pain and blood or mucus during bowel movements.
  • Swelling or lump-like feeling around the anus.
  • Itching around the anus.
  • Feeling that the stomach is not cleared even after bowel movement.
  • Only blood coming from piles warts.
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Ayurvedic Treatment: According to Baba Ramdev, piles can be eradicated from the root with some Ayurvedic medicines and home remedies. He told that taking two tablets of Arshakalpa regularly can cure the disease. On the other hand, if the victim has a problem like diarrhea, then take Triphalachurna, which not only cleans your diarrhea but also cleans your stomach. On the other hand, if there is more stomach related problem then Abhayarishtha should be consumed.

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home remedies: According to Baba Ramdev, people who have piles problem, take a lemon squeezed in a glass of milk and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning to cure piles. Patients with piles will have to do this for three to seven days.

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