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Ayurvedic Treatment For High Uric Acid Control Herbs Reduce Uric Acid…

Ayurvedic Treatment For Uric Acid Control: Nowadays people are troubled by the problem of joint pain and swelling. At a very young age, this problem occurs due to increased uric acid. High uric acid affects the joints. This leads to problems like arthritis. When uric acid is high in the body, it gets deposited in the form of crystals in the joints, which causes problems in the joints. Kidneys work to filter uric acid, but when it increases, the problem starts. However, it can be controlled by diet, exercise and drinking plenty of water. Apart from this, there are many remedies in Ayurveda that control uric acid. Let us know Ayurvedic remedies to control uric acid.

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Ayurvedic treatment to control uric acid

1- Punarva decoction- If uric acid increases, you drink the decoction of Punarnava. This is a herb that reduces the problem of inflammation in the joints. Joints swell when uric acid increases, but Punarnava works by flushing out the toxins through the toilet. It also reduces swelling.

2- black raisins- If you have problem of uric acid then eat black raisins. Black raisins are known to be good for arthritis and bone density. For this, soak 10-15 black raisins in water at night, drink the water in the morning and eat after chewing the raisins.

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3- Guggul- Use guggul to remove problems related to bones. There are many types of Guggal, which are mixed to make Ayurvedic medicines. This reduces joint pain and swelling and also controls uric acid.

4- Saunth and turmeric- Use dry ginger and turmeric powder when uric acid increases. Dry ginger means dry ginger, both of these things provide relief in joint pain. Make a paste by mixing ground dry ginger and turmeric in water and apply it on the painful area.

5- Guduchi- This is a medicine which is considered very good for controlling uric acid. Due to this the amount of pitta in the body is reduced and Vata dosha is also reduced. Its consumption also reduces uric acid in the blood. This is an effective herb to get relief from joint swelling and pain.

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