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Avoid Traveling In Monsoon In India: Avoid Traveling In These Indian…

Avoid Traveling in Monsoon: Monsoon season is heart-warming. Many times, after cutting the summer season, it comes as soon as it is and disappears equally quickly, but at some places this rain becomes a disaster. Yes, today we will introduce you to some such places, where if you are planning to enjoy the rain and the views there during the monsoon season, then do not approach that place by mistake. Yes, in such places, landslides, floods and do not know which calamity can come at any time.
If you have not yet faced any such problem but are planning to visit in monsoon, then first know about the places here, where you should avoid visiting especially in this season.

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The weather of Kinnaur is always tempting to visit. Nevertheless, it would be best to plan to visit this place after the monsoon between April and June. It is advisable to avoid visiting here during the monsoon season as the weather can be anything during this time, which is not right for tourists. Due to incessant rains, there are frequent chances of landslides and cloudbursts in this month, so it would be best that you do not plan to visit here during the months of July and September.

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Landslides are often reported from many parts of Assam in the news every year during the monsoon season. But during the rains, the greenery here is made to be seen. But one should avoid visiting some places of Assam in the year especially during the monsoon season.

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