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Asia’s First Woman Train Driver Surekha Yadav Biography

Surekha Yadav: Today women of India are waving their flag in every field. Recognizing the potential of Indian women in the country and abroad, they are being given the responsibility of a respected post. It is also said that today’s women can do everything. From flying a plane in the sky to running a train on the track, women are capable. But the women of modern India are getting opportunities in every field today, that is why she is more capable. However, today’s women got these opportunities because of those women of history, who for the first time stepped into an area where no woman had ever entered. Due to her first attempt and success, the avenues went open for women. Surekha Yadav is one of these successful women. Surekha Yadav is the first Indian woman to become a train pilot. The driver of a train is called a loco pilot. Surekha Yadav is the first loco pilot from all over Asia. Let’s know the story of Surekha Yadav becoming a rail driver.Surekha Yadav Biography

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Asia’s first female rail pilot Surekha Yadav was born on 2 September 1965 in Maharashtra. He did his early education from St Paul’s Convent High School located in Satara, state. For further studies, Surekha did a vocational training course and later obtained a diploma in electrical engineering.

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Surekha Yadav’s dream

During her studies, Surekha used to dream about her career and future like ordinary girls. In those days she wanted to become a teacher, not a loco driver. He had planned to get a B-Ed degree to become a teacher. However, later her path changed and she joined the Railways.

Surekha railway job

Surekha was fond of technical background and trains since childhood. He filled the form for pilot. In the year 1986, he had a written examination, after passing in which he also cleared the interview. Later, Surekha was appointed as an assistant driver in Kalyan Training School. After completion of training, Surekha Yadav was promoted to the post of regular assistant driver in 1989.Surekha Yadav Career

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Surekha first started her career as a freight train driver. Gradually his driving skills got better. In the year 2000, she was promoted to the post of Motor Woman. After that in the year 2011, Surekha became the pilot of Express Mail. With this, Surekha Yadav got the title of being the first woman train driver of Asia on the occasion of Women’s Day. Surekha has done train driving on the CST route from Deccan Queen of Pune, which is considered to be the most dangerous railway route.



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