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Asia Cup 2022 Schedule, Match Dates, Teams, Fixtures, Broadcast rights

India will play host to the 2022 edition of the AFC Women’s Asia Cup. Beginning on January 20th, the football competition every four years will be holding its 20th iteration. The conclusion will take place on February 6th. The battle that will take place behind closed doors will include 12 teams, and it will take place at three different locations within the state of Maharashtra.

Asia Cup 2022

The cricket event known as the Asia Cup 2022 has been postponed because of COVID-19; the new date for when the competition will take place in Sri Lanka is June 2022. The Pacific Cricket Board was granted permission by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) to trade the hosting right with the Singapore Cricket Board. The Asia Cup will be contested under the Twenty20 format for the second time this year; this will allow the participating nations to become game-ready for the Twenty20 World Cup in 2022.

Asia Cup

As a result of the tension between India and Pakistan, the Asian Cricket Council has not yet decided on the scheduling for the Asia Cup in 2022. According to the calendar for the Asia Cup 2022, Sri Lanka will have the opportunity to host the competition. In addition to the four teams from the subcontinent, Afghanistan and an Asian qualifier will also be participating.

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Asia Cup Schedule 2022

It is time for those who have been patiently waiting for the Asia Cup 2022 Schedule to start getting excited now since the event, which has been delayed for the previous two years, has finally been released. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan are the five teams competing for this title. These countries are in alphabetical order.

24 June Wednesday Bangladesh vs India TBA 7.00 pm IST
25 June Thursday Sri Lanka vs AFG TBA 7.00 pm IST
26 June Friday Bangladesh vs AFG TBA 7.00 pm IST
27 June Saturday India vs Pakistan TBA 7.00 pm IST
28 June Sunday Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka TBA 7.00 pm IST
29 June Monday Pakistan vs AFG TBA 7.00 pm IST
1 July Tuesday India vs Sri Lanka TBA 7.00 pm IST
2 July Wednesday Bangladesh vs Pakistan TBA 7.00 pm IST
3 July Thursday India vs AFG TBA 7.00 pm IST
4 July Friday Pakistan vs Sri Lanka TBA 7.00 pm IST
6 July Sunday Final TBA 7.00 pm IST

According to several news sources, a sixth team will participate in the tournament, and there is a possibility that it will come from Kuwait, the UAE, or Singapore. The Asia Cup 2022 will take place in Sri Lanka from August through September of 2022, and here are some of the most fundamental aspects of the tournament. The first series that the Indian cricket team will play under Rohit Sharma’s captaincy will be the Asia Cup in 2022.

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Asia Cup Match Dates 2022

  • The match between India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup Series is often considered the most entertaining of the tournament.
  • Both sides compete to win the trophy and put up a fierce challenge to one another in doing so.
  • A pandemic has caused a delay at the beginning of this Asia Cup in 2022, which lasted for the previous two years.
  • The anticipation is now gone, and the match between India and Pakistan will start very shortly.
  • According to the schedule for the Asia Cup, the game will take place in Sri Lanka.
  • According to the discussion at the ACC Meeting, the match will be played under the T20 format.

Asia Cup Teams 2022

We all know that the nations of Asia will be sending their national teams to compete in the Asia Cup in 2022. This year’s Asia Cup will include competition from 5 countries, one of which is the host nation. Among those teams is also the UAE. Now, let’s have a look at the teams.

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The most successful team in India has won five league championships, making them the clear winner. It had also won the previous edition, which was hosted in UAE in 2018, making it the clear winner. Despite this, they are the most experienced side in Sri Lanka, having competed in the event for the last 14 years.

Asia Cup Broadcast Rights 2022

Twenty 20 Internationals are set to be contested for the 15th iteration of the Asia Cup cricket competition, which will take place in Sri Lanka between August and September 2022. The tournament will be known as the Asia Cup 2022. The tournament was initially slated to take place in September 2020. However, it was postponed in July 2020 owing to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus.

After then, it was slated to take place in Sri Lanka in June of 2021; however, it was eventually postponed once again. After successfully defending its claim to host the 2022 event, Pakistan was slated to play host to the tournament. On the other hand, the Asian Cricket Council said in October 2021 that Sri Lanka would be the host nation for the tournament in 2022, while Pakistan would be the host nation for the 2023 event.



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