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Are You Facing Teeth Grinding Problem In Sleep Know How To Get Rid Of…

Bruxism: Many people have the habit of gnashing, grinding and clenching their jaws while sleeping at night. You must have also seen people close to you doing this. But do you know what is the reason behind this and what is the reason for this? This problem is medically called ‘Bruxism’. Although this problem does not cause any physical harm to anyone, but due to this, problems related to teeth can arise with increasing time.

According to health experts, teeth grinding is caused by stress, anxiety and depression. It is always seen in people during sleep. Many doctors also feel that this happens due to disorder like irregular sleep and sleep apnea.

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Why is gnashing of teeth harmful?

1. Changes in your looks and facial features

2. Prone to breaking and loosening of teeth

3. Damage to the muscles of the jaw and neck

4. Damage to teeth

How to stop teeth grinding?

According to health experts, there are many ways to treat bruxism and it is important to address the problem before it becomes a major problem. To get rid of this problem that occurs during sleep, you should contact a dentist. Because the dentist can fit your teeth with a mouth guard. Apart from this, if you have a lot of stress and anxiety, then try to get rid of them, because these can be the reasons behind the teeth grinding. If the cause of bruxism is a sleeping disorder, then to control your sleep, contact a doctor or make necessary changes in your lifestyle and diet, such as

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1. Avoid or reduce your intake of caffeine-filled things like cola, chocolate and coffee.

2. Avoid hard food items like nuts, popcorn and many hard candies.

3. Avoid peanut butter and other sticky foods that are difficult to chew.

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4. Use a compress or ice pack to get relief from the pain.

5. Avoid alcohol as it works to increase the problem of teeth grinding.

6. Absolutely do not chew anything like pencil or pen.

7. Avoid chewing gum, as it can act to increase the habit of grinding teeth.

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