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Archana Devi: After many struggles, Archana made Team India the world…

Archana Devi and her mother Sarita Devi
– Photo: Social Media


Father died of cancer in 2008. The mother tolerated the taunts of the people, but sent the daughter to Moradabad, three hundred and fifty kilometers away, for cricket. This is the story of Archana Shivram Devi, the star player of the Indian women’s cricket team.

On Sunday, India won a resounding victory by defeating England in the Under-19 Women’s T20 World Cup. India won by losing three wickets. The England team was all out for just 68 runs. After this victory, there is an atmosphere of celebration in Archana’s house and village.

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After the victory, Archana’s mother Sarita Devi says, “Her talent was different. In childhood, she did not wear girls’ clothes. She used to say that we have to become something, so we used to say that the son will not be able to become this. So her Had to say that whatever happens mummy will not give up.

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On the other hand, 18-year-old Archana says, “Earlier I used to live in the village. I do not have a father. My father had passed away when I was a child. My mother got me admission in Kasturba Gandhi School. So I used to study there. One day there When the race took place, I came second. After that Poonam Gupta Mam started focusing on me that she can become a player. I played in school for four to five months. I didn’t know much about cricket. Mam Called mother and said that I want to take it to Kanpur and pursue it. Mother was not ready. Then mother, brother, I all pressurized mother. Then mother sent me. Then mother gave my hostel and food. Took the full cost of.

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