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Another Lie From China Abdul Rauf Was Not Blacklisted Said This On Terrorism

India-China: Tension continues on the border between India and China. The effect of which is also visible on the relationship between the two countries. China has once again shown its dual character. When China obstructed the proposal of America and India to blacklist Abdul Rauf Azhar, brother of Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar in the United Nations. Just like the Chinese fighter jets are trying to provoke the Indian forces stationed in eastern Ladakh. The mention of this incident has also arisen in the Indo-China military talks, but China is not ready to accept it.

In fact, on the report of military-air force activity near the LAC, Chinese Ambassador to India Sun Weidong said, ‘conducts all activities on the border according to the agreements signed between India and China. I don’t have any specific information about any movement. The situation on the border is currently stable. On the other hand, the one who talks about ending terrorism is seen supporting the terrorists. When Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong in Delhi was asked about the impediment of India and the US’s proposal to the UNSC, he said, “China needs more time to carefully study the application on terrorist’s designation.”

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China’s double character shown in UNSC
Let us tell you that on August 12, China blocked the proposal of America and India to blacklist Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist organization terrorist Abdul Rauf Azhar in the United Nations. China said, it needs more time to study the application. Exactly this raga was sung by the Chinese Rajdatt in New Delhi. However, all the other 14 member countries of the Security Council supported this resolution of India and America.

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‘China’s actions will affect relations with India’
At the same time, India’s External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said on August 12, India has consistently maintained its stand that if China disturbs peace in the border areas, it will affect bilateral relations. The Foreign Minister had said that ‘we have had 15 rounds of talks at the commander level. Some significant progress has been made regarding the withdrawal of both sides from places where they are very close. The External Affairs Minister had said that the situation on the border remains a major problem as the army has been stationed there for the last two winters. Foreign Minister Aag told that ‘this is a very tense situation and it can also be a dangerous situation, so we are talking.

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Chinese fighter planes fly near LAC
Let us tell you that Chinese fighter aircraft J-11 (Chinese Fighter Plane) keep flying close to LAC. It is being told that in recent times, many cases of violation of CBM line of about 10 km have come to light in this area. To which the Indian Air Force has taken strict steps to answer. For which powerful fighters like MiG-29 and Mirage 2000 were deployed at nearby bases.

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