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Annapurna Jayanti 2022 Kab Hai Katha Puja Muhurat Vidhi Upay

Annapurna Jayanti 2022: Annapurna Jayanti will be celebrated on 8 December 2022 on Margashirsha Purnima. Maa Annapurna means the presiding deity of food. She is a form of Maa Parvati only, through whom the whole world operates. The creation is nourished only by the grace of Maa Annapurna. It is believed that the one who worships Maa Annapurna by keeping a fast on Annapurna Jayanti, there is no shortage of food and money in his house. It is said that on whom Maa Annapurna becomes happy, his parts open, misfortune turns into good fortune. Do listen to the story while worshiping the mother on Annapurna Jayanti, it gives virtue. Let’s know the story of Annapurna Jayanti

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there was a drought on the earth

According to the legend, once there was a famine of food and water on the earth. The land became barren. Life crisis has arisen all over the world. People started dying of hunger due to lack of food. To solve this problem, everyone started worshiping Brahma and Vishnu. Seeing trahi-trahi everywhere, the sages also wanted to know the solution of this problem by going to Brahma Lok and Baikunth Dham. Even after all efforts, when the solution could not be found, all the gods and goddesses reached the shelter of Shiva.

Shiva begged for alms from Mother Annapurna

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To solve the problem, Mahadev along with Mother Parvati went to visit the earth. Shiva took the form of a monk for the people of the earth and Mother Parvati appeared on the earth in the form of Mother Annapurna. For the welfare of the whole world, Shiva asked mother Annapurna for food in alms. This food and water was distributed by Bhole Bhandari among the people of the earth and the crisis of maintenance of the people ended. The day when Mother Parvati appeared in the form of Mother Annapurna, that day was the full moon day of Margashirsha, since then this day is celebrated as the incarnation day of Goddess Annapurna.

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Shiva is seen begging for alms in the picture of Maa Annapurna. Goddess Annapurna is also known as Annada and Shakumbhari. The aim of celebrating Annapurna Jayanti is to make people understand the importance of grains. It is believed that by insulting food, the blessings of the house go away. Food stores become empty.

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Annapurna Jayanti 2022: When is Annapurna Jayanti? Taking these measures on this day will remove the shortage of money and food

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