Friday, September 30, 2022

America Mother Will Charge 12 Thousand Rent To Keep Daughter In Her House…

World News: Parents teach their children many ways to live life, so that their child can easily bear the brunt of life’s paths. Along with this, there are many parents who are doing unique experiments to make their children self-reliant. One such unique experiment has been done by the mother of a daughter of America. In order that the daughter should not face any financial problem in future, the mother kept the daughter on rent in her own house. The daughter will now have to pay rent to the mother to live in her own house.

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Daughter will give 12,000 rupees to mother every month
In fact, a woman living in Oklahoma, USA, has decided to collect rent from her 18-year-old daughter Jada for living in the house. The woman believes that by doing this her daughter will become self-reliant. Jada has asked her daughter to give Rs 12,000 every month. An agreement has also been prepared for this. On this Jada said that initially I thought what mother is doing, why is she getting the agreement done, but now I am happy.

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video viral on social media
Let us tell you that a woman living in Oklahoma, America has shared the video of her daughter Jada on social media. The woman wrote, “When your daughter turns 18 and decides to stay at home.” In the caption of the video, the woman has given her best wishes for the future along with writing about preparing her daughter for success. At the same time, more than 15 lakh people have seen this video on social media so far.

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