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America Mississippi Tornado Accident 23 Dead Due To Destructive Tornado And…

America: In the southeastern US state of Mississippi, 23 people have died in a severe tornado and severe thunderstorm late Friday night. Along with this, it is being estimated that the number of dead may increase now. Mississippi’s Emergency Management Agency said late Friday that search and rescue operations were ongoing in Sharkey and Humphreys counties.

According to the local media, the names, addresses and ages of the dead are yet to be known. Governor Tate Reeves said on Twitter that many people in MS Delta need your prayers and God’s protection tonight. He told that more ambulances and other emergency services are being increased for the people affected by the tornado and the storm. Along with this, relief and rescue work is going on.

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news of death of 23 people

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency said on Twitter on Saturday that at least 23 people had died and dozens were injured. The agency said that four others are reported missing. Significantly, due to the tornado and strong storm that came late on March 24, the town of Rolling Fork in Mississippi was the most destroyed in the storm.

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1.4 million homes in the dark

More than 1.4 million homes and businesses were without power due to the severe thunderstorms, although power may not be disrupted yet. Continuous work is being done regarding this. According to meteorologists, violent storms often occur in the South America during the winter months, as warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico rises and collides with cooler air.

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Talking to the media, the Emergency Management Agency said that food and drinking water are being provided in the affected areas. Work on this is being done on priority. Along with this, the search for the missing people is going on. People need to keep patience.

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