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Amazon Faces Black Friday Protests, Strikes In 40 Countries By Its…

Amazon Black Friday Protest: Thousands of Amazon employees in 40 countries around the world are going to take part in the protest demonstration against the company. This picketing demonstration has been named as Black Friday Sales. This is going to be the day of Thanksgiving Day on which most people do online shopping.

According to Bloomberg’s report, thousands of Amazon employees in many countries of Europe along with America, Britain, India, Japan, Australia, South Africa are demanding a proper environment to work in view of the cost of living crisis due to better wages and backbreaking inflation. Going to perform with. Employees in 40 countries are running a campaign called Make Amazon Pay. This campaign is supported internationally by trade unions, environmental and civil society groups from different countries. These unions demand that these tech companies respect the law and talk to employees who want to improve their work, as well as that the company immediately stop their terrible, unsafe practices.

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German and French workers’ unions CGT and Ver.di are carrying out simultaneous strikes at 18 major warehouses with the intention of disrupting shipments to key European markets. Monica Di Silvestre, head of the Amazon committee of Ver.di in Germany, said that the productivity of the employees is being closely monitored by the computer, which the employees are worried about. In which the target is algorithmically determined by how many packages they handle per hour. Employees are feeling immense pressure due to this. He has demanded the political leaders of Europe to strengthen the labor law.

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Employees are also protesting in the United Kingdom. The union here says that Amazon employees are doing more work and they are not being paid accordingly. Demonstrations are going to be held in 10 cities in America. In which a demonstration is also going to be held outside the house of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in New York. Employees are also going to protest in India. There is going to be a demonstration in Tokyo in Japan, while in Bangladesh, garment workers are going to protest in front of Amazon’s supply chain.

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Although Amazon’s spokesperson says that we are not perfect in any field, but should objectively see what Amazon is doing on these important matters. So you will find that we take our role and influence very seriously. He said that the company has set a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. Along with this, the company is giving a lot of benefits to the employees along with better salary so that our employees stay safe and healthy.

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