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amazing benefits of nutmeg for diabetes control, know the other health…

Diabetes is such a disease that if not controlled, then other important organs of the body like kidneys, heart and lungs can be at risk. In diabetic patients, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or stops making insulin, which leads to an increase in the level of sugar in the blood.

Due to poor lifestyle and deteriorating diet, this disease is rapidly making people their victims. Relying only on medicines to control sugar can make your body weak. To control sugar, you should pay attention to diet along with medicines. Ayurvedic herbs prove to be very effective to control diabetes.

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According to Ayurveda, nutmeg is one such herb which is used as a spice in our country. This spice present in the kitchen is full of medicinal properties, due to which health benefits are immense. Nutmeg is used to enhance both the taste and aroma of food.

According to a research published on the website of the National Center for Biotechnology Information yesterday, nutmeg has been used as a medicine for thousands of years. Diabetes is controlled by consuming nutmeg. This spice also proves effective in reducing BP and obesity. Let us know how nutmeg controls sugar and what are its benefits.

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How nutmeg controls sugar: Nutmeg proves beneficial in controlling blood sugar. A study done in rats found that nutmeg extract significantly lowered blood sugar levels. According to a research, nutmeg controls the level of blood sugar present in the body. It encourages the pancreas to be healthy. It is effective in reducing blood sugar level. You can consume nutmeg as a spice by adding it to food.

Reduces obesity: Consuming nutmeg reduces obesity. Digestive system is strengthened by consuming it. It also removes the problem of constipation, gas and indigestion. If you are troubled by increasing obesity, then consume nutmeg.

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Relieves from joint pain: The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties present in nutmeg treat many diseases. Consuming it gives relief from joint pain. Mixing nutmeg and mustard oil and applying it on joint pain provides relief from pain. In one study, mice with inflammation were injected. Some of them were given nutmeg oil. The rats that consumed the oil experienced less inflammation and pain.

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