Sunday, December 4, 2022

Always Wash New Clothes Before Wearing Know The Reason Behind It

Wash Your Clothes : When most people go shopping for clothes, they wear them without washing them. They think that if there is a new cloth then it is clean. Their thinking can be dangerous for their health. Germs can attack you by wearing unwashed clothes immediately, which damage the skin. Let us know why new clothes should not be worn without washing them.

  • When you buy clothes, you do not know how many people have tried this cloth. The sweat of the people who are wearing the clothes stays on those clothes. When you wear the same clothes without washing them bacteria are present in it.
  • When new clothes are made, they come to us from one place to another through many hands, which increases the risk of infection.
  • Many types of chemicals are used in clothes and when we wear clothes without washing them directly, these chemicals touch our body and spread diseases.
  • The new clothes you bought may have been worn by people who have a skin disease or an infectious disease. disease Yes, so definitely wash new clothes. To dye dark colored clothes in different colors and to save the color of clothes, many types of chemicals are used in it, which are harmful to the skin. Whenever you buy clothes for children, wash them too. Sure. Because children’s skin is softer than adults.

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