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Akash Ambani will be the new chairman of Reliance Jio know about his…

There has been a major reshuffle at the management level in Mukesh Ambani’s company Reliance Jio Infotech Limited. In the information given to Market Regulatory SEBI (SEBI), Reliance Jio said that the board meeting was held on 27 June 2022. In the meeting, the board of Reliance Jio has approved the appointment of Akash Ambani as the chairman of the board. Mukesh Ambani has resigned from the post of director of the company with effect from June 27.

Prior to Akash Ambani graduating in economics from Brown University, his father Mukesh Ambani was serving as the chairman of the company. This appointment is being seen as handing over the leadership to the new generation. Mukesh Ambani will continue to be the chairman of Jio Platforms Limited. Let us tell you that the credit for setting up Jio’s 4G ecosystem goes largely to Akash Ambani. With big tech companies from around the world investing in Jio in 2020, Aakash also worked hard to bring global investment to India.

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Industrialist Mukesh Ambani, one of the top-10 richest people in the world, is often in the headlines for his simple lifestyle. However, his sons lead a very luxurious life. Akash is the elder son of Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani and he is also married. He married Shloka Mehta in 2019.

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Akash Ambani’s car collection also includes the Bentley Bentayga. Which is one of the most luxury and expensive cars in the world. It is special in many ways, as it can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 4 seconds. Its top speed is 300 kilometers per hour. Its cost is around Rs 3.85 crore.

Apart from this, one of the world’s most luxury cars in the collection of Akash Ambani also includes Rolls Royce Phantom Trophe Coupe. Its price is around Rs 8.84 crore. Let us tell you that many Bollywood celebrities also have this car. Apart from this, Akash also has Range Rover Vogue, whose price in the Indian market is Rs 3.47 crore.

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Akash is a very rich person not only by money but also by heart. He also takes great interest in taking initiatives related to business employees. To promote youth culture in the company. Everyone knows that Akash Ambani is very fond of playing cricket. But do you know that apart from cricket, Akash also likes to play football. He also participated in International Football Camp while captaining the football team at Dhirubhai Ambani International for more than 5 years.

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