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Air India Expansion Is Not Easy To Make It Global Airlines Air India Have…

Air India: With the acquisition of Tata Group’s Air India, the company is working on making itself a player in the global market. After signing the world’s largest deal of 470 aircraft, the company is pushing for an action plan to expand routes to different countries. But the way to become a big player in the global market will not be easy for Air India. The company will have to face many problems. After ordering aircrafts on a large scale to Boeing and Airbus, many foreign airlines from Air India made many important demands from Air India. In this, a demand has been made to increase the number of flights of Air India in many countries.

Number of flights will have to be increased on many routes

It is noteworthy that in the New Delhi Aviation Conference, people associated with the sector have demanded that Air India will have to operate more flights on all routes. People associated with the aviation sector have allowed more passengers on the routes coming and going from India to many countries. It is worth noting that the number of passengers has been determined when Air India was suffering huge losses. But with the change in the circumstances, there is now a demand to increase the number of passengers and flights on all these routes.

Growing demand in India

According to a report published in Live Mint, Dubai’s Emirates, Turkish Airlines and Kuwait’s Jazeera Airways have demanded an increase in the number of airlines between their countries and India. These companies say that the number of passengers between the two countries is increasing continuously, but flights have not been increased in comparison. In such a situation, there has been a demand for increase in air traffic rights in the country. Similar demands have been made by Vietnam and Indonesia as well.

50,000 seats per week for Dubai increase

Turkish Airlines Chief Executive Bilal Aksi said that we are getting a much smaller share in India’s aviation industry than expected. In such a situation, the number of flights between India and Turkey should be increased. At the same time, Dubai has demanded 50,000 more seats between India and Dubai every week in the CAPA meeting. In an interview given to Reuters, India’s Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia told that at present no decision has been taken by the Ministry of Civil Aviation on these demands. The government is currently advising airline companies to order more airlines so that they can meet the demand of passengers. It is worth noting that most people depend on foreign airlines to go abroad in a country of 1.3 billion. In such a situation, Air India is trying to increase its share in the international market by increasing the number of its aircraft.

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