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Air India Crew Look No Crew Cut For Male Attendants Or Pearl Earrings For…

Air India Cabin Crew: After the takeover of Tata Group’s Air India, there is a continuous change in the airlines. Now the company has made a plan for the makeover of its air hostess and crew members. Now all its air hostess and crew members will be seen in a new avatar. The company has issued a new grooming guideline for the staff (Air India Crew Members Grooming Guidelines). In this guideline, complete information has been given that what kind of look the Cabin Crew Members will have to keep. Along with this, the female cabin crew members of Air India will have to follow more guidelines. The company has asked its crew members to pay special attention to their looks. In this guideline, it has been told that what kind of hair the crew members have to keep. Along with this, information has also been given that what should be taken care of by the female staff (Air India Guidelines for Female Staff).

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Mail cabin crew member has to keep these things in mind
According to media reports, the crew members of Air India who have less hair, that is, they are victims of baldness, they will have to keep a shaved look. Such members will have to shave their hair every day. What kind of tangled hair should not be visible on the head. Members have to fix their hair.

Air India issued this guideline for female mail cabin crew members
Air India has issued a comprehensive guideline for its female crew members. According to this list, female cabin crew and air hostess will no longer be allowed to wear big earrings. Along with this, now even the air hostess bindi will not be able to wear too big. This bindi should not be more than 0.5 cm in size. Along with this, a guideline has also been issued for wearing bangles in the hands.

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Air hostess can no longer wear designer bangles in hand. Along with this, the number of bangles should not be too much. Along with this, tying the hair in a low bus and making high top knots will not be allowed. Along with this, the air hostess will also have to take special care of the shade of lipstick, nail paint, eyeshadow etc. Along with this, now she will not be able to carry pearl earrings. On the other hand, simple diamond designed earrings can be worn in the ears.

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Female cabin crew staff will not be allowed to apply henna
In Air India, it has also ordered the air hostess and cabin crew that they cannot apply henna on their hands. Along with this, permission to tie any kind of religious thread on the wrist and hands will no longer be available. Along with this, Air India has also said that female staff can now carry sheer calf length stockings saree or Indo-Western wear of the color of their scheme. Right now all these guidelines have not been fully adopted, but it will be mandatory to follow it completely in the coming times.

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