If You Are Addicted to Online Shopping on Amazon then These Tips is For You

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During early days online shopping seemed ridiculous and even dangerous; People have to think twice before entering their credit card numbers in a browser window, it was normal to hidden charges, scams, and fraud used to happen in a large amount. But now days only a few people Scared to shop online, and the credit goes to Amazon.

Amazon has everything, uncountable inventory more than thousands of categories, it sells almost everything that a human being is required from morning to night. Faster delivery of products and if you are a member of Amazon Prime there will be much faster delivery of products than usual.

It’s probable that you may have bought something from Amazon; after all, it’s the biggest online marketplace in the world. We always loved the market competition of pricing in Amazon; they really offer good products at a good price. However, there are many things that you can follow while shopping on Amazon to save more money smartly and safely.

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Tips and tricks to save more while shopping on Amazon

1.      Install the Amazon App if you are shopping on your Smartphone to compare the Products and prices.

Download and install the Amazon shopping app in your mobile phones it’s free for Android and iOS, the best thing about Amazon app is that it lets you compare the prices of any product that you encounter on the real world. You may have noticed that in every product comes with a barcode, you just need to scan the barcode to look up its price on Amazon and check whether you’d saved money ordering online.

2.      Amazon is very careful when it comes to their price competition.

Not all of us is aware of this feature that Amazon provides, the pricing of products in Amazon is very competitive in market, however if you ever find any deals lower from the price of Amazon, you can always report price to Amazon, they will always refund you the money within 14 days once it’s verified.

3.      Amazon warehouse and Outlet deals are an awesome way to save money while online shopping on Amazon.

You can always find a great deal on Amazon outlet and warehouse as there is 30% off minimum whole the year, Amazon warehouse resale the products which are returned or refunded; they make sure that the products are very good and accepted. But you can always save lots of money here.

4.      Price drop alert using camel add-on in your chrome browser

You can always track the prices of a particular item that you want to buy from Amazon, with the amazing camel add-on extension in your chrome browser, to get the price alerts you have to provide your email address and select the items that you want the price drop alert. Whenever the price drops on the products that you have selected you will get an email, and thus you can buy the product when it’s lower in price.

5.      Save more while shopping on festival seasons.

Festival seasons is best for shopping as there are lot’s offers and deals available with great discounts and off. If you want to save more than you can always wait for the festive seasons to make big purchases, however, Amazon always provide discounts and offers whole out the year.

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