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ABP CVoter Pre-Budget 2023 Snap Poll Income Tax Job Agriculture Budget…

ABP-CVoter Pre-Budget Snap Poll: Only 2 days are left for the country’s budget to come. Along with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the public is also expecting great relief from the central government. From the expectations of the middle class to what the common citizen of the country wants and how much budget allocation is required for businessmen and women, the picture has become quite clear. In such a situation, ABP News has come up with such a survey which is not only telling you the trends of the people of the country but also throwing light on what the people want.

Purpose of ABP-CVoter Pre-Budget Snap Poll

ABP News in collaboration with C Voter has conducted a survey in which people have been asked questions related to the budget. Should the government give relief in income tax? Questions like whether Rs 2000 note should be banned have been asked to the people and apart from this, what are the biggest expectations of the people from the budget and in which area the government should allocate maximum budget, people also participated openly on the big questions. Is. Let us know in which direction the trend of the people was seen in the ABP-C voter poll and where people are talking about investing money.

1. Question: What do you expect the most from the upcoming General Budget 2023 for your future?

New job opportunities – 42.6 percent
Steps taken to control inflation – 30.3 percent
Steps on increasing the tax exemption limit – 17.8 percent
Announcement to benefit traders – 5.7 percent
Don’t know/can’t say – 3.7 percent

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After talking to the people in the ABP-CVoter survey, it came to light that people are most worried about the problem of unemployment in the country. Under this survey, 42.6 percent people said that there can be announcements regarding the creation of new jobs or new job opportunities in the budget. 30.3 percent people said that the government should take steps in this budget to control inflation. 17.8 percent people were interested in increasing the tax exemption limit and 5.7 percent people believed that there should be some announcements for the benefit of the businessmen of the country. In this year’s response, 3.7 percent people said that they do not know anything about this or cannot say anything.

2. Question: Do you think that in view of the assembly elections to be held in 2023 and the general elections in the year 2024, the central government will present this budget as a populist budget?

Yes – 47 percent
No – 20.8 percent
Don’t know/can’t say – 32.1 percent

47 percent people believe that the government will present this budget as a popular budget. 20.8 percent do not believe so. 32.1 percent people said that they cannot say anything about this.

3. Question: According to you in which area the government should increase the budget?

Education – 29.3 percent
Agriculture – 25.1 percent
Defense – 18.4 percent
Health – 10.7 percent
Don’t know/can’t say – 16.4 percent

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The public wants the government to spend the most on education or education in the budget and 29.3 percent people have wanted the maximum budget for education. 25.1 percent for agriculture and 18.4 percent for defense or defense budget, people talked about giving the maximum budget. For health or healthcare, 10.7 percent people have wanted the maximum budget.

4. Question: Do you think that the impact of the recession seen in many parts of the world will be seen on the budget in India?

Yes – 47.5 percent
No – 21.7 percent
Don’t know/can’t say – 30.8 percent

In response to this question, 47.5 percent people believe that the effect of recession will be seen on the Union Budget. At the same time, 21.7 percent people said that this will not happen. 30.8 percent people said that they do not know about it.

5. Question: Do you think the government should ban Rs 2000 note to stop black money?

Yes – 65 percent
No – 20.8 percent
Don’t know/can’t say – 13.7 percent

On the question of banning Rs 2000 note, 65 per cent people said yes and 20.8 per cent people said no. 13.7 percent people did not give their opinion.

6. Question: Do you think that if the government gives relief to the middle class in the budget, then the economic condition of the country will be strengthened?

Yes – 79.1 percent
No – 12 percent
Don’t know/can’t say – 8.8 percent

79.1 percent people have voted in the survey for the middle class to get relief in the budget. While 12 percent do not believe so. 8.8 percent people have no opinion about this.

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7. Question: Will the economic strength of the country accelerate if the government makes special economic announcements for women?

Yes – 65.4 percent
No – 19.1 percent
Don’t know/can’t say – 15.5 percent

65.4 percent people of the country want that special announcements should be made for women in this budget and 19.1 percent people do not want this. 15.5 percent people have not given any opinion about it.

8. Question: Will this time’s budget affect your voting percentage?

Yes-57.3 percent
No – 12.8 percent
Don’t know/can’t say – 29.9 percent

In response to this question, 57.3 percent people said yes while 12.8 percent people do not believe so. 29.9 percent people said that they cannot say anything about it.

9. Should the government increase taxes on tobacco products and alcohol or liquor products in this budget?

Yes – 65 percent
No – 22.6 percent
Don’t know/can’t say – 12.4 percent

10. Where should the government use the increased tax on tobacco and alcohol products?

For the welfare of the poor and uplifting their economic status – 73.9 percent
To give relief in income tax – 22.9 percent
Don’t know/can’t say – 3.1 percent

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