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A panacea for bloody, warty and bad piles, these remedies will remove the…

It is common to have diseases in today’s lifestyle and life, but some diseases are such that if they are not treated immediately, it becomes difficult to sit peacefully even for a moment. Piles or Piles is one such disease, which is very painful. Usually, the person who has it feels like a hard lump around the anus. Often the stomach is upset, blood comes out during defecation, itching occurs. Also, there is a need to go to the toilet again and again.

Many remedies have been prescribed for its treatment, but if you make your lifestyle a little regular, disciplined and diligent, then it can be got rid of even without medicine. Those who are suffering from this, get up early in the morning and filter one green bitter gourd and two soft leaves of peepal in a glass of water and drink it on an empty stomach. This will help you get relief from both types of piles.

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Regularly taking 6-6 grams of dry gooseberry powder mixed with cow’s milk in the morning and evening will be very beneficial in curing bloody piles. If there is bad piles, then make a powder by grinding one and a half grams of rasaut with three grams of pomegranate bark and mix it with six grams of jaggery and make a tablet equal to the kernels of plum. Taking one tablet of it in the morning and one evening with water, it ends piles.

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In bloody piles, take 12 grams of Nagkesar, neem nibouri, seed-grown grapes. Apart from this, you have to take 6 grams of Bhimseni Kapoor. Now grind all fine except raisins and make a powder by filtering them. Then add raisins and beat them well and make a tablet equal to the size of a small plum. Take one tablet in the morning and evening with water. This recipe is a panacea for bleeding piles.

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If you are troubled by piles wart, make ashes by burning the hair of the coconut and mix one spoon of ash with buttermilk and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning and evening. By drinking this, piles warts will be completely eradicated within a few days.

According to experts, hemorrhoids sufferers should avoid taking oily and spicy things, white bread, tea and coffee and cigarettes and gutkha. All these things make the disease worse.

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