9 Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Pain

9 Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Pain
Written by Paresh Bramhane

Internal inflammation can lead to serious health challenges, from chronic pain to heart disease to dementia. Keeping your inflammation down is a goal that you can work on from several angles, from dietary changes to water intake to CBD supplements.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a suspension of CBD products in edible oil. It’s important to point out that CBD oil you can vape is very different from CBD oil you can take under the tongue, in a smoothie or in your morning coffee.

How does CBD oil help with pain relief?

Each person has receptors that can accept CBD products. By attaching to these receptors, CBD products can stop the transmission of pain information from irritated nerves to the brain. One of the benefits many CBD users enjoy is that CBD stops an increase in your response. 

An irritated nerve in your neck may lead to muscle spasms, but with CBD, you can reduce the risk of such spasms. Micro dosing CBD can hold off such spasms long-term so your overall inflammation can be allowed to settle.

9 Natural Ways to Reduce Inflammation & Pain

1) Drink More Water

Keep fresh, filtered water at hand each time you open the refrigerator. Reduce your intake of sugary sodas and beverages with high levels of caffeine.

2) Reduce Salt Intake

Make your life easier by investing in healthy snack foods. Don’t allow chips, pretzels and other unhealthy and extremely salty foods into your home. Keep your fluid retention low by avoiding too much salt.

3) Stretch Daily, Even When You Don’t Work Out

Keep your joints supple with simple stretches every day. Avoid overall stiffness by gently stretching your neck, hips, legs and feet. Try to move 10 minutes per hour.

4) Get More Roughage

A sluggish gut will increase your overall inflammation. This means that raw fruits and veggies are necessary to moving waste out of your body efficiently. Roughage from raw fruits and veggies is critical.

5) Increase Antioxidant Intake

CBD gummies and oils are loaded with antioxidants. Additionally, fresh berries and other colorful fruits and veggies are critical to a healthy level of antioxidants. Many of the toxins that cause tissue damage can be easily shed by increasing your intake of these necessary molecules.

6) Get More Rest

Go to bed at a specific time and get up at the same time each day so your body can settle into a rhythm. Consider improving the quality of your rest with blackout curtains and by placing your phone across the room to avoid light from screens.

7) Increase Your Turmeric Intake

Roast up a pan of veggies and toss on a healthy sprinkle of turmeric. This spice is loaded with curcumin, which reduces inflammation and boosts your immune system.

8) Add Nuts to Your Diet

Pack snacks for a crunchy snack at work instead of buying a bag of chips. Even salted nuts are healthier than something fried or overly processed crackers.

9) Fight Stress

Find a hobby or activity, from reading a devotional book to meditating, that allows your body to calm down and allows your mind to settle into gratitude. Celebrate your calm and creative activity.

The choices listed above can include your pets as well as your family! If your older dog is a bit stiff in the morning, drip a little CBD oil on a whole wheat cracker or sliver of bread to give them relief.

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