8 fun outdoor activities to try this summer 

8 fun outdoor activities to try this summer 
Written by Paresh Bramhane

Most of us have been stuck indoors over the past year and the desire to go out and have fun is stronger than ever. We all deserve to let our hair down and have fun this summer, though it is still important to stick to government guidelines. Experts suggest that the virus is far less transmittable outdoors, and therefore doing activities outside is a far safer prospect. Why not try some new outdoor activities with friends? Read on to discover some fun activity ideas for the upcoming summer period. 

Go Hiking

Following a long hiking trail can be a relaxing way to improve your cardio, whilst enjoying the beauty of nature. Try to stick to hikes in your local area, though according to guidelines we are now able to travel for non-essential reasons. Hiking can be a great solo activity, as the quietness of the trail can help to clear the mind. 

Start Gardening

Gardening can be a calming and incredibly rewarding activity, especially when you can eat your own produce. Try planting some colourful flowers or grow your own fruit and vegetables. Gardening is especially fun as it gets you outside. Don’t have your own garden? Head down to your local allotment to socialise with your neighbours. 

Picnic in the park 

Take a packed lunch and picnic blanket out on your lunch break and enjoy the summer sun. This is a great way to unwind during your time off and allows you to get some exercise. Invite friends to join you (socially distanced of course) for a catch up, or alternatively brink a book and fully relax in the heat. 

Go to the beach 

Who doesn’t love the beach? With so much to do including water sports, sandcastle building and sunbathing, taking a day trip to the beach is a must for this summer season. Try a new sport, such as surfing or body boarding. Go with friends and family for a fun day in the sun. Worried about crowds? Take the Healgen rapid antigen test to keep others safe. 

Try an outdoor workout 

Working out in the great outdoors is a fun and different way to get your endorphins flowing, whilst keeping your body healthy and fit. Take gym equipment to the local park or try skip rope in your back garden. You could even use a park bench or stairs to maximise the effectiveness of your workout. 

Go Camping

Camping grounds are opening up across the country and we can now enjoy an outdoorsy staycation in the countryside. Camping is a good opportunity to have a long weekend away with friends or family. Make a campfire and toast marshmallows or explore the walking trails nearby for a fun adventure. Benefits to camping include the low costs and opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. If you’re worried about staying in close quarters with others, take a Healgen rapid antigen test for peace of mind. 

Try photography

Most people carry a high-specification camera in their pocket at all times thanks to the invention of the mobile phone, so why not capture your local area? This is a fun way to explore places you might have never seen before, whilst getting some cool content for social media. Travel to a place of natural beauty such as a gardens or park to take photos of wildlife. 

Journal in Nature 

There are many benefits to writing down your feelings on paper – it can help to organise your thoughts and put things into perspective. Doing this in the local park or your back garden adds an extra layer of relaxation to this activity, so take your pen and paper outside during this summer. 

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