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72 फीसदी भारतीय खुश होने पर अधिक स्नैक्स करना पसंद करते हैं : रिपोर्ट

Snacking And Mood: The way the way to the heart passes through the stomach, similarly the way to fix the mood also goes through your stomach, that is why when people are irritable, lethargic Or if you feel too stressed, then you uplift your mood by eating good food. A recent report has also confirmed this. The India Snacking Report (Volume I) of Godrej Yummies, famous for frozen food, has revealed that  72% of Indians admitted that they snack more when they are happy, a testimony to the fact that snacking is perceived as a mood uplifter. 70% of Indians who associate snacking with their mood, snack feel satisfied, happy and excited after eating.

What do survey reports from different regions say

When different When different regions were compared, it was found that maximum 75 percent people in eastern India snack more when they are happy. While a survey was conducted in North, West and South India, everyone’s emotions in the matter of snacking turned out to be almost the same. Scored 72 percent in North India, 67 percent in West and 74 percent in South. It is clear from this report that people snack heavily when they are happy.

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In terms of snacking, the number one Delhi

Among the cities, people from Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata tend to snack more when they are happiest. Delhi tops the list with 81 per cent. After this, 77% people in Chennai and Hyderabad and 75% people in Kolkata consider snacks as a mood uplifter. The average for Mumbai is 68%, Ahmedabad people 67%. 66 percent in Pune and Bengaluru, 62 percent in Lucknow and 61 percent in Jaipur  People tend to snack when they are happy.

The India Snacking Report by Godrej Yummies also found a gender-wise correlation between mood and snacking, which revealed that 74 per cent women and 70 per cent men snacked when they were happy. But do more snacks.

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Disadvantages of eating more snacks

However, most of us prefer to eat things made of flour, maida, such as samosa, bread, biscuits, bhujia, picha. Are. This is a high calorie diet. Apart from this, Chinese foods are also the first choice of people. They neither contain fibers nor do they have any benefit. Calories are also more, doing this excessively can push the mission of fitness.

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