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6 Marketing Automation Tools You Need To Use in 2021

6 Marketing Automation Tools You Need To Use in 2021
Written by Abdul Shaikh

Today, marketing has become a key factor in business.  Be it the creativity of the brand expression using aesthetics, or bringing out the poetic essence of the business through the use of witty words, marketing has levelled its game up big time in the consumer market these days.

In expandable businesses sometimes the companies were found a bit difficult to maintain marketing strategies consistently and also, it’s also a bit time consuming for employees. 

But but but!!!!! There are various Marketing Automation Tools available now to make this work a little simple and help employees to save time and effort for other important work in the business sector.

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Why Are Marketing Automation Tools Important In 2021?

Marketing automation tools expeditiously mercantilism efforts for all kinds of businessesThis is the actual reason why over fifty-one share of marketers ar invest in marketing automation tools and over fifty-eight percentage of the marketers are close to adopting it shortly. Automation tools can assist you to modify content-supported insightsalign sales teams’ mercantilism effortsand boost conversions likewise as speed-up and contour mercantilism efforts. Automation tools may be one of the foremost effective and vital ways in which to achieve your marketing efforts in 2021. 

How Do Marketing Automation Tools Benefit Business Owners?

There are many benefits like its productivity which is simplifying routine structure and marketing tasks. It effectively eliminates repetitive manual processes by subbing machine-driven solutions. 

It also helps in monitoring and tracking a marketing campaign. It is also known by its workflow efficiency which is a major beneficial factor for owners

What Are You Losing Out If You Skip Using Marketing Automation Tools?

If you skip using marketing automation tools then there are a lot of disadvantages in your way. Without an automation tool, you waste a lot of effort and most importantly time. 

These tools always nurture better leads which you can’t. Its customization and analytics are far better for your business which you can’t access for not choosing it. 

6 Marketing Automation Tools To Use In 2021


Whatso is one in every of the foremost easy WhatsApp bulk services tools that enables you to send bulk messages to potential l purchasers. The tool conjointly offers the associate choice to attach pictures, videos, and text messages. 

WhatsApp traveller does not support causation unsought messages. thus, it’s wise, artistic, and use moral ways of advertising to succeed in resolute your client base. One such methodology is victimization code that uses the Whatso internet and automates it through a browser. It cost $499 per year.


There are many features available in Whatso like

  • Location-based marketing 
  • Mass texting 
  • Personalized messaging 
  • SMS messaging 
  • Reporting and Analytics


  • Easy to use 
  • Time-saving
  • Mass reaching 


  • High cost
  • Save catchy 
  • Effect network 


HubSpot basically a complete promoting and sales automation tool that covers a quick area of options and capabilities. The code may be want to perform, track and live all of your on-line promoting activities like blogging, email promoting, and social media promoting. 

HubSpot options the incoming promoting conception through its own promoting.  It promotes a message of ‘publish your manner in’ and practices what it preaches as a prolific creator of content, together with diary posts, social media posts, white papers, and webinars. 

It may be wont to produce landing pages, calls-to-action, to induce SEO tips. The cost starts from $45 per month.


Important features mentioned below 

  • Customized deal dashboard 
  • Email and prospect tracking 
  • Automatic updating of customer’s activity 
  • Ability to record sales call
  • Storage up to 1 million contracts


  • Split testing option 
  • Expandable email list
  • High reporting ability 


  • Expensive 
  • Difficult in use
  • Difficult template modifiers 


User fox is used for providing on-line promoting services. The corporate provides technology for grouping and analysing client knowledge, and offers client communication services through electronic messages. User fox serves customers through the net. This cost customers $100 per month.


Important features mentioned below 

  • News shelter 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Email campaign 
  • Online Marketing 
  • Reporting and Analytics 


  • Organized email segmentation 
  • News shelter availability 
  • High Analytics skill


  • Not so many features available 
  • A bit difficult to use
  • Expensive is basically a selling platform for causation targeted and automatic emails, push notifications, Associate in Nursing SMS messages to interact and retain an audience. is for causation targeted and automatic emails, push notifications, Associate in Nursing SMS messages to interact and retain an audience. Harnessing period of time activity knowledge and advanced segmentation across the net and mobile channels, empowers marketers to send contextually relevant communication that makes a good client expertise resulting in retention and conversion. is remodelling and selling for high-growth corporations. The cost of the plans starts at $195 per month


Important features mentioned below

  • Custom tracking domain
  • Sender reputation management 
  • Email segmentation 
  • Detailed server logs 
  • Webhooks


  • Workflow building and management 
  • Solid Email builder
  • Service flexibility 


  • Too email centric
  • Conducted by push notifications 
  • Lack of ability 


Adroll performed as a promoting platform that has evolved over the last ten years exploitation the most important publicizer information co-op within the market. The meaning for marketers is that they will reach their audience any place on the net and, Adroll’s product, facilitate get those customers to form a buying deal.

Adroll used to connects and coordinates promoting efforts across ads, email, and on-line stores, to support the complete client journey, from awareness through purchase. 

Formidable e-commerce brands use Adroll’s Growth promoting Platform as mission management, unifying their knowledge, channels, and measure, to bring the correct messages to the correct customers at the correct time. Adroll’s starter plan is free but if you add advance tracking then it charged $499 per month 

Features: some important features mentioned below:

  • In-app retargeting
  • Personalized ads
  • Social targeting 
  • Cross device reach
  • Segmentation 


  • Easier set up of retargeting 
  • Responsive customer care 
  • Upgraded features 


  • Difficult in creating ads
  • Save catchy 
  • Unclear details


Eloqua is a platform for promoting automation offered by Oracle that aims to assist B2B marketers and organizations manage promoting campaigns and sales lead generation. Eloqua could be a terribly powerful product that helps with selling automation across multiple channels, as well as email, show search, web, video, and mobile. 

This computer code provides tools to section and target specific audiences with the foremost relevant content. This software system is basically used by marketers, primarily B2B marketers, to assist the lead generation method. 

It options info that stores prospect and client information, an emailer that sends emails to prospects and customers.  It cost a user $2,000 per month.


Some features are mentioned below 

  • Email Marketing 
  • Online Marketing 
  • Lead Management 
  • Campaign Management 
  • Reporting and Analytics 


  • Upgraded integration 
  • Highly innovative designs 
  • Hyperlight builder


  • Expensive 
  • No access in Google 
  • Poor customer service 

Here are some of the best Marketing Automation tools of 2021 in brief details which give your business a kick start.  With marketing levelling its game up 100%, it’s important for a business to keep a tab of the advancement in technology and marketing tools and techniques to be in the best marketing space and ensure the growth and development of your brand. Always remember, a good marketing team is always good for the long run. Hope you get help from the above information.

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