6 Diesel Men’s Watch You Can Choose From

6 Diesel Men's Watch You Can Choose From
Written by Paresh Bramhane

Whenever you think about time, what do you usually associate it with? You instantly think of watches. Now, with a wide variety of brands and types, you’ll need to choose the one that perfectly fits your style and personality. So you tend to research a ton of different ones, and after several hours of scrolling and reading, you’ll end up with a variety of choices, and what better way to choose from Diesel watches to match up with yourself. 

So How did Diesel Watches Start? 

Diesel watches was established in 1978 by a famous Italian designer named Renzo Rosso. Before entering the world of watchmaking, Rozzo started his career by making clothes and jeans for his friends, and in 1978 he founded Diesel and partnered up with a famous watch brand Fossil. Today, Diesel watches are known to be one of the most renowned and famous urban style fashion watches that sell extravagant and exceptional timepieces worn by many. And here are six men’s watches from the brand for you to choose from. 

  1. Master Chief Watch Collections

With its wide array of collections, the Diesel Master Chief Watch adds an extra statement of rebellious confidence while extruding boldness. A collision of different vocabulary and materials having a strong mechanical touch. It is a watch that features a 46mm case having a 27mm bandwidth with mineral crystal Quartz movement with water-resistant up to 100m perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and other sports adventures. 

  1. The Daddies Series

This is one of the most intricate collections from the brand. It features a 66mm case and was known as one of the largest watches in the industry, a wristband made out of calfskin and a 30m water resistance. The Daddies Series is one of the top best-selling Diesel watches, plus a key attribute that displays four different time zones. 

  1. Men’s Double Down Black Silicone watch

When Diesel named this specific collection, they meant it through its looks, comfort, and value. This collection says that you can have a luxurious and beautifully engineered watch for the price of your decent shirt. With its key features of 44mm case, having a 24mm bandwidth, and a three-hand quartz movement. This piece is also 30m water-resistant. The Double Down all-black watch is never boring, displaying a monochromatic design motif with its remarkably affordable price that can’t easily be ignored. 

  1. Men’s Analog Sport Watch

This ion-plated stainless steel watch represents everything there is to know about fashion timepieces. With its subtle color scheme, it reinforces that less is more. Plus, it has a 10 bar capability, so if you ever forget to take off the watch before diving then you shouldn’t worry too much. And if you are the sporty or active type of person then the watch’s scratch-resistant crystal ensures that it won’t look run-down after a few bumps and scratches. 

  1. Men’s Little Daddy

If you are looking for a watch that stands out, then this one’s for you. It is made of a 51 mm stainless steel case painted in gold to make it more eye-catching, making it look like a million-dollar watch. Its black leather strap supports the watch’s gold casing to stand out even more. So this one’s a loud timepiece that shows everyone where you stand in the social circle. This ideal watch is something to be worn in formal events and parties. If you’re looking for something that you can wear daily or for sporting events, then this specific timepiece might not be ideal for you. 

Diesel On Full Guard Touchscreen Smartwatch

If you are the techy type, then this watch is for you. This timepiece features a highly functional and original technology that is an interactive watch featuring its case made out of gunmetal brushed with a black top ring and a three-link stainless steel gunmetal-tone bracelet. And if you want to customize this watch, then no worries! You can be creative with its touchscreen dial that suits your preference while providing a battery life of up to 24 hours which features its animated notifications for your activities, weather, time, date, and more. 


The long line history of Diesel watches that is a pioneer in the industry, doesn’t stop them to continuously experiment on their timepieces while keeping in mind its affordability without compromising its materials and quality and emanating independence that defies easy categorization. Though they’re known in the watchmaking industry, they still maintain a strong dedication to their engineering to provide quality products and push their bounds on their material standards and design. This shows that when you are sporting your timepiece from the brand, it shows the wearer’s uniqueness. 

In conclusion, if you want a respectable and exclusive wristwatch, then Diesel should be one to keep an eye on. And if you want to get your hands on these timepieces, you can check out The Watch Company online! This website is the best with its extensive timepiece catalog. 

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