5 Playstore Alternative Apps For Android

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Everyone has a smartphone, more than billions of people are every day using their smartphone to read books, watch videos, play games etc. Every day there are thousands of apps launching on Playstore and in other app markets. You might have Playstore installed on your smartphone, almost every android comes with pre-installed, Google Playstore is the largest Android App market, but there are also other app stores from where you can download and install Android app. Here we have put forward the 5 Playstore alternative Apps For Android which you can use right away.

Installing the app from other app markets might be disabled on your smartphone so in order to get the access you have to activate the installation from unknown sources. Go to Settings>Seurity after that tap on Unknown sources.

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Playstore Alternative Apps

5 Playstore Alternative Apps For Android


Playstore Alternative AppsAptoid is another app store yet open source platform where anyone can upload, download and share Android app. Apptoid has more than 700000 apps over more than 3 billion downloads. The app store has been launched in 2009, since then it becomes the 2nd largest app store for Android.

Aptoid app has many interesting features Including Apptoid TV. The User interface is no doubt well-designed which serves well in experiencing the app.

The Aptoid app allows you to directly download the apk file in your device and install. Well, its 100% safe no doubt one of the best Google Playstore Alternative.


Playstore Alternative Apps

ApkMirror is another yet popular google Playstore alternative for downloading and installing an android app, this app store if for those who want to try the latest release of their favorite app before they are uploaded in the Google Playstore.

You’ll not find any paid apps in this app store as well you dont have to visit the external websites to download and install the Apps, they claim that the apps that are uploaded here are safe and malware free.

The user interface of this website is clean and easy to navigate, everything is simple and fast, the downloading and searching is quite fast. Just type the name of your app and the search engine will list all the apps related to your search term chronologically.

The downloading page is easy to understand and all the details about the app provided in it, you can either download the apk file directly into your device or you can also install the app from the Google Playstore if it is released there. Developers can use this site for testing and run the beta version of Apps before launching the final version.


Playstore Alternative Apps

This is another major app store you can use to install Android apps, Uptodown is well known for its simplicity and authenticity. Uptodown provides all the Android apps which are also available on google Playstore as well as all latest updates for Apps.

Most interesting feature in Uptodown is it gives you access to roll back in the previous version of the apps in case if any problem persists with the updates. The screenshots provided are accurate and shows the exact glimpse of the app how it will look in action.

4. Getjar

Playstore Alternative Apps

You may have come across with the name Getjar long ago when there, not even Android was invented. GetJar was one of the most popular platforms for the mobile app last decade when there was a trend of java mobile. Getjar provides more than 1 millions of apps across all major mobile platforms including Android.

Getjar proudly presents itself as one of the major opensource platforms for mobile apps, there are more than 3 millions of downloads occur in a day and the number is increasing.

The user experience is no doubt classic and all the apps are sorted into categories which is amazing, the categories include almost everything and are one of the best Playstore Alternative Apps For Android.

5. F-Droid

Playstore Alternative Apps

F-Droid is an installable catalog of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device.

Just like any other app, this is also a third party app which you can install and use as an alternative to Playstore. You’ll need to provide third-party access by ticking the “unknown sources” setting. The user interface of this app is quite good you can browse through the categories and filter the popular ones as you search for the apps.

Comparing to other Playstore F-droid doesn’t have the much big chunk of apps in its database, however, the app in here isn’t always smaller, some of them are independent and big enough to power your Android device to its best.

So, these are the few Playstore alternative apps you can use right away and enjoy the best smartphone experience, if we missed anything do let us know by commenting below, Thank you.