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5 Food Combinations habits That can Make You over Weight-Weight Loss: In…

To lose weight, you take a healthy diet, work out, yet if you are not losing weight, then do not worry. Workout and diet control is not enough to reduce the increasing weight, but it also matters how you do food combination in food. Wrong combination of foods will never let you lose weight.

Losing weight is not a difficult task, it just requires a little patience. We make some mistakes in our eating habits, due to which our weight increases rapidly. We give preference to exercise and dieting to lose weight, but you know that your food combination habits will never let you lose weight. Let us know how food combination is responsible for increasing weight.

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Eating some food combinations has become a part of our habit, due to which our weight increases rapidly. Let us know which combination of such food we do daily, due to which our obesity increases rapidly.

Snacks consumed with tea: We always consume snacks with tea. Have you ever thought that consuming snacks with tea can make you gain weight. Tea contains tannins and caffeine, which when mixed with foods can interfere with iron absorption. This food combination can lead to bloating and acidity.

Consuming fruits with drinks: Some people often consume fruits with drinks. Consuming drinks and fruits together reduces appetite and fills the stomach. If you eat a combination of coffee, tea or coconut water along with consuming fruits, then your digestive system can get spoiled.

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Consuming rice with roti: Indian food plate is complete with rice, roti, vegetables and dal. We think that the consumption of pulses, rice, roti and vegetables is a digestible food which will reduce our weight. The combination of roti with rice will increase your weight instead of reducing it. Both roti and rice have high glycemic value, so both should not be consumed together.

Combination of more than one protein food in food: Combination of more than one protein food in food can increase your obesity. Too much protein is difficult to digest, due to which fat starts accumulating on the waist. To prevent fat accumulation, avoid eating lentils + curd, paneer + lentils, soybean + lentils, chicken + lentils, etc. in combination.

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Consuming Sweets After Meal: Consuming sweets after meals increases your obesity rapidly. Your stomach is already full of heavy food. Eating sweets immediately after this fills the stomach even more. Do not eat sweets immediately after eating, but eat them after some time. These habits of some food combinations increase your weight rapidly.

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