5 Considerable Tech Tools That Make Life Easy For Writers

5 Considerable Tech Tools That Make Life Easy For Writers
Written by Rohan Mathew

Writing is easy when you are penning down your thoughts or writing a daily diary. But when it comes to article writing or blog post writing, it is different.

No doubt it is fun but things can be entertaining and difficult at the same time. So is writing.

With the evolution of the Internet, there are so many online tools that make the life of writers easy. Modern writers use these tools to write productive and professional articles.

This article will introduce 5 such tools that will assist you in the writing process. This list is made keeping in mind the problems writers usually face.

Edit pad:

Writers usually make an outline for their posts and add main points to rush the ideas. Some writers use actual notebooks for this purpose while some download apps to make these drafts.

Edit Pad is a notepad online. The user does not need to install or register to use it. You can add important quotes with citations, case studies, some points you want to discuss in your article etc.

This way writers will successfully add all the important things into their article. Along with the text pad, the Edit pad has some other useful tools as well. 

Edit pad

It is really simple to use and is totally free. Users can even upload files from their computers if they want to edit them. 

It has a word counter, article rewriter, reverse text generator etc. All in all, it can be quite helpful for writers. 

Plagiarism Checker:

The importance of plagiarism checkers cannot be stressed enough. They are the literal lifesavers for writers. They make writing way easier.

The Plagiarism checker by is a good choice if you are looking for an efficient one. It is very affordable. 

The design is very intriguing and allows the user to understand its process instantly.

The reason why this tool is recommended is that it gives a detailed report of the scan. In addition to that, it accepts multiple formats of documents like PDFs. 

Plagiarism Checker

Some plagiarism checkers store the scanned document in their database risking the privacy of the user. However, with this tool, the user does not need to worry. 

The detailed report includes a keyword density table according to the size of the keywords, overall percentage of keywords, and a line-by-line check.

On clicking the “Matched URLs”, the user can see the sources where the pasted or uploaded document was already present. 

The percentage on each source represents the amount of content copied from each source. 

Users can generate a copy of the report and save it for later use. 


 This tool is great if writers want to avoid any accidental plagiarism.

Proof hub:

Proofhub is predominantly a teamwork tool but there are many writers that get benefited from it. It is a project management app.

Using this tool, writers can keep a track of what topic they are currently on and what are untouched yet. You can separate your work from your personal writing schedule.

Looking at the projects in different types of boards available motivates the user to work more. It increases productivity. 

Proof hub

It is a detailed timetable maker. Totally customizable. You can update the status of the project to “on progress” and “completed”. Also, users can take notes and upload files.

It lets the user know how much time is left in the deadline.  If the writer is an employee, they can add their employer to let them know of the progress. 

This helps you escape a writing slump and forces you to work on the pending articles. This way the writer will not face any problem of being late.

Heming way:

The next tool is also available as an app. Heming way is sort of a readability checker that checks the complication level of the language used in a written document.

Why is this useful? If a document is in difficult language, most of the readers leave the site. It also happens even if the reader is perfectly capable of understanding the text.

Readers like to have information and they do not like to struggle with difficult vocabulary and sentence structure. 

Long sentences are difficult to read. Similarly, using many adverbs loses the charm of content. An article with good readability can attract traffic from all age groups.

Using this tool can give the user an idea of the readability of their text. Its report is very comprehensive. Which includes the word counter. Along with that, it also highlights adverbs, phrases, and sentence length.

Heming way

No doubt, sometimes it is impossible to write in easy language for instance your topic is related to Quantum physics. But in most cases, it is recommended. 

On the top right side, the tool shows a grade. This grade represents the age group capable of understanding the text.


You can write on this tool to simultaneously take advantage of it. For writing purposes. This tool has some options including headers, bullets, links e.t.c.


Image to text:

As the name Image to text converter shows, this tool converts the text from images editable text. It uses advanced OCR technology.  

Image to text

Writers take ideas from everywhere. They search online, read hard copies of documents and think. Sometimes they want to add a specific part of a hardcopy, they usually type it.

But with this tool, you can easily convert them to text and cite them.

The writers employed in companies or firms can make the most out of this tool. Saying this because most of the documents in companies are proofread after printing.

So when they have to edit these documents whether their or someone else’s, typing the whole document seems tiring work.

Users can upload images or paste a URL. This tool is also present as an app in the play store for convenience. 

The converted text can be downloaded or copied to the clipboard.

The converted text


If the writers use these tools, they can save a lot of time. That time can be then spent to make the content better.

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