5 Best Video Calling Apps: Free Live Streaming Apps for Android

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Video calling apps became most popular among the smartphone users. You can also say it is the smartest and fastest way to communicate with your friends face to face on the screen. Though, in older days people used to video call before smartphone arrived using old model computers and older software. But the technology has evolved thousand times better today.

However, to apply video call you need to have an android device with a front camera and supporting 3G or 4G and smart WiFi network. You also need to have a video calling app downloaded and installed on your device in order to make a video call. Let’s check out the following lists and see if you are using any of these video calling apps.

5 Best Video Calling Apps for Android:

There are hundreds of video calling apps existed out there which are absolutely not worse of using. But here I am sharing the best video calling app based on our personal experiments with you. So, followings are the 5 best video calling apps for android.

Google Duo:

Google Duo

Google duo is on the top of our list of video calling apps for android. It has just recently updated by Google and has already been downloaded over 100 million times by its users. It requires 4.1 and up version android device to successfully download this app and it is compatible with all of your android devices. Google duo has been specially made for one-on-one video call facility. With simple interface and knock knock features, Google duo has won all the hearts of its users.



LINE is also an another most popular video calling app and is quite similar to Google hangout but has many unique features. The app provides you the quick access to video call any of your friends and family. This app has over 600 million active members from all over the world. If you ever choose to have an exciting experience and convenience than LINE would be the best platform. This app is constantly expanding and keeps providing the outstanding and exciting new experience to its users.

Google Hangout: 

Google hangout is also one of the top apps on our list of video calling apps. It provides you the best service on free video call as well as voice call and messages. Developed by Google, this video calling app has been downloaded over 5000 million times by its users. sing this app you can make a conversation on a free group of video calling up to 10 contacts. Google Hangout provides the all-in-one video calling experience which makes this app a better choice than any other video calling app existed.



You can’t skip Skype if it is to have a discussion about video calling apps for android. It may not be the best among video calling apps but its fast interface and its features impress its users all the time. Skype has gone through a long way with lots of ups and down. It has more than 500 million active users around the globe. It allows you to make a video calling group where you can add up to 25 people at once. However, if you choose to have fun video calling with 25 persons in a group at once than Skype would be the best choice for you.




Last but not the least, we have WeChat on our video calling app list for android. This app is nicely compatible with any of your devices. As it doesn’t require any version to download, you can easily install it in any of your android devices. It has been downloaded over 500 million times by the android users from overseas. WeChat provides you the best quality video calls to anywhere around the globe. You can also create a group with up to 9 members in it. Another amazing and unique feature that I mostly like about of this app is that it allows you to make new friends by using a location-based feature that is ‘Friend radar’.


So, here are the 5 best video calling apps for android. You can subscribe our blog for more upcoming updates to pop up on your e-mail account.

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