5 Benefits of Using Process Mining for IT Service Management

5 Benefits of Using Process Mining for IT Service Management
Written by Paresh Bramhane

Inefficiencies exist in almost all business operations, and it has just gotten worse with the COVID-19 due to the uncertainty in the current working model. 

However, identifying these bottlenecks and singling out the ones with the most significant impact has always been challenging. Thankfully, process mining technology offers IT service management organizations a way to dive into their operations, uncover the inefficiencies, and improve them.

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What is Process Mining?

Process mining is a family of techniques connecting the fields of process management and data science to boost the analysis of operational processes centered on event logs. Its primary aim is to turn every event data into actions and insights.

The technology offers fact-based insights and objectives obtained from actual data to help you audit, analyze, and enhance existing business processes by responding to performance-related and compliance-related concerns.

How Does Process Mining Work?

Process mining works by tapping every event that occurs while people and robots surf through the IT systems. The technology then turns the data log into an event log and then generates visualizations of the end-to-end procedure, accompanied by insightful analysis.

As a result, the process mining software offers allows you to view the current processes and note the vulnerabilities or gaps within each. That way, you can take data-driven improvement strategies based on how your employees and users conduct the processes.

What Do You Need for Process Mining?

Process mining aims to make all the business operations into a given process repetitively to gather information and analyze how you can improve and automate the systems. 

To start streamlining the procedure, you need process mining software. There are several options available from various vendors. These may include Celonis, Nintex Promapp, IBM BlueworksLive, Disco, and many others.

5 Benefits of Using Process Mining for IT Service Management

  • Generating a Shift Left

Businesses that adopt the technology offer their people the ability to find solutions earlier during the resolution process. As a result, the organizations yield better customer and employee satisfaction and cut down their overall costs.

  • Meet SLA Requirements

Every business yearns for a highly productive team and sets targets for each employee. However, it’s easy for your employees to feel overwhelmed if they don’t have enough resources to meet their SLA while time flies out fast. Using process mining technology offers a significant increase in ITSM procedures. It allows your employees a chance to focus on the fastest process paths and optimal target speeds.

  • Lessen Multi-hops

Multi-hops are the primary cause of inefficiency in most business operations and a major culprit for productivity slowdowns. Adopting the process mining technology helps industries to identify and eliminate these hitches.

Machine Learning, driven by Root Cause Analysis (RCA), instantly directs you to practical steps to eliminate the productivity slowdowns and solve tickets at first touch. That way, you achieve a team of satisfied employees and customers.

  • Cost Reduction

Process mining helps expose the hidden inefficiencies and obstacles and offers insights into automating the processes to lower running costs.

  • Boost Transparency

Process mining helps create full transparency across the whole service desk to realize optimal client and internal support at a relatively lower cost.

Inefficiency occurs often. Identifying them allows you to visualize within the process context and provide the catalyst for improvements.

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