4 Key Signs To Look For In A High-quality Early Childhood Learning Centre

4 Key Signs To Look For In A High-quality Early Childhood Learning Centre
Written by Rohan Mathew

Research discovered that kids aged three- to four who attend high-quality preschool become more successful when they move up to kindergarten and higher levels of education. However, not every early childhood learning centre provides high-quality programs. You need to gauge if your learning centre of choice can hone your kids’ learning skills later on in life. 

If you think that your child is ready to enrol in an early childhood learning centre, you need to find these key signs that would indicate that the learning facility can provide high-quality education. 

Quality Of Teaching

Most of the time, preschools look more like a large playground where children are often seen playing. But a well-run early childhood learning centre often uses play as a form of teaching. 

Teachers make their young students engaged in learning by encouraging them to play. A good teacher can relay their lessons properly by asking kids to build towers using blocks or creating beautiful colours using the water in an ice cube tray. These fun activities have different purposes. If you ask the teacher from your prospective learning centre to articulate why they use that particular activity, it can be one of the signs that the institution can provide high-quality education. 

Classroom Environment

Ideally, a good preschool facility must have an open floor plan complete with low shelves and kid-friendly chairs and tables. It must also have a visible bathroom section where kids can conveniently do their toilet needs. 

Most states in Australia also comply with the building standards to provide a safe and protected environment for kids. Some of the most important requirements that you must find in your ideal learning centre include a place for sleep and rest, appropriate fencing size and dimension, and safe and protected indoor and outdoor spaces. The classroom must also have natural lighting and proper ventilation at all times.  

Pays Attention To Performance Of Students 

While some parents are not comfortable with the thought that their early learners are being tested, the best early childhood learning program must know how to keep track of each child’s individual development. Some well-founded evaluations of a young child’s emotional and social growth are often accessible for teachers from a high-quality preschool. 

Teachers from these establishments can also pinpoint and identify developmental delays or learning disabilities. These professionals must notify the parents about their concerns and offer help to address the issue.  

Engaging Student And Staff Interactions

Good early educators know how to interact with the students on their level, literally. You must see the teachers kneeling to their knees when talking to the students when visiting your prospective preschool facility.

By kneeling to talk to the young kids eye-to-eye, young students will be encouraged to open up to their teachers longer. It will help develop important language abilities. It will also allow them to feel more comfortable with the teachers. As a result, they will develop a bond with another authority outside the house. According to research, the strong attachment between a young child and the teacher can encourage them to love the process of learning. 

Finding a high-quality education centre for early learners plays a critical role in developing your young child. So always make sure that you will find the right learning facility to ensure that your child will develop a love for learning from their formative years. 

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